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I Love collecting Vintage Teacups, i have been fascinated by them since i was a little girl, Every school holidays i stayed at my grandmother’s who i really adored. I loved the way she was really glamorous; as well as her taste in French style furniture i loved her dainty vintage crockery which only came out only when we had very special visitor. My parents were young growing up in the 70s, their style was different- more retro vintage. On my 15th Birthday i got a tea-set trio as a birthday present from my grandmumzys, You can imagine how excited i was. ¬†This was the beginning of a beautiful obsession.

Until today i can not help myself when i see a beautiful tea-set; I begun collecting Teapots among other things. This new obsession was triggered by my love for James Sadler teapots oohh, so lovely. In the Collectors Items Section i will be sharing Vintage & Antique finds, Vintage/Antique Spots during my visits to events/fairs/car-booties/online auctions/eBay…. As a collector Feel free to leave comments after reading the blogs, share your knowledge or finds and your experiences : Click on links to explore


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