Welcome to Jijjy’s Maison.

My theme is Classic/Vintage and Nomadic/Boho chic style and handmade in the UK. Included in my collections are personalised cushions with image/s or warm messages to be gifted to loved ones.

As the designer behind Jijjy’s Maison my products are created with beautiful cozy fabrics to ensure I succeed in my aim of turning your space into a comfortable yet luxurious home. In addition, I love to continuously search for unique patterns and fabric textures to create exceptional designs for my audience.

Environment and Sustainability

I believe in protecting the environment and sustainability. I try as much as a can to use fabrics with less impact on the environment for instance linens and sustainable cotton. 

Some of my fabrics will be sourced from vintage finds which I upcycle into something new and beautiful. For instance, the marinah and floral chandelier purple velvet cushions.

When travelling I search for unique local fabrics that will help the community in the area. For instance, the Nomadic and Boho chic collection are made from cotton fabrics I found at the famous Maasai market in Nairobi Kenya. This also allows me to make something exclusive as a mentioned earlier.


I use biodegradable materials for packaging and posting items to their new homes. All packing I receive with my posts I recycle when required. Kindly recycle any packaging received from me. Every little helps in protecting the environment.

Now that you have discovered this little family, kindly share with your lovely family and friends.  

Whole Sale

If like my designs and are interested in buying at whole sale. kindly contact me through the contact page or email: info@jijjysmaison.com


If you have new designed types of fabrics or products you would like me to use for a collection. contact me using contact form or email: info@jijjysmaison.com.


I envisage a time when Jijjy’s Maison will be the synonym for serenity, style and luxury, as well as integrity and excellence. 

My aspiration is to continue designing beautiful, timeless products that bring luxury and comfort in people’s homes in the UK as well as globally


My mission is to design and create accessories that transform your living spaces into a luxurious, cozy inviting environment and home.