10 garden Design Trends in 2024

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Beautiful home garden designs are becoming more and more of a trend thanks to the RHS, The Royal Horticultural Society members with cutting edge designs sharing their designs in show such as the Chelsea flower show for us to appreciate and revel.

They have inspired us to be more inventive with our gardens and see them as an extension of our homes. This means ensuring our gardens are just as beautiful as the indoors of our own homes.

Have a look at the trends emerging in 2024

Sisely Garden

Chelsea flower show

Barbecue Garden

Credit: My decor trends

Cozy Garden

Credit: My decor trends

Magnificent Roses

Sisely Gardens

This is David Austin’s magnificent rose garden which he designed at the heart of England at Sisely gardens.

Castle Gardens

This is the stunning Highgrove garden in the heart of charming Cotswold, that has been entered at the RHS, Sisely garden show among others

English Garden Pool

This feels like swimming in a river in the jungle, in nature. Alluring garden that feels like an ancient pharaohs bath.

English Charm

Designed by the prolific Sue Townsend

Garden that is wild yet soft you just want to touch and revel in its natural ambiance. It feels almost healing.

Outdoor Salon

Breakfast with Audrey mentions: Outdoor areas are as important to our happiness enjoyment as the inside spaces. I agree with this 100%; sitting out in nature has such a positive impact and well being for our minds as we indulge in the comforts of a living room and the surreal relaxing healing ambiance of nature.

Maximalist Garden

Sisely gardens

This is the exquisite well manicured Chester Chatsworth in the Peak District-Historic Chester. There has to be new category called alluring maximalist gardens because this is it erupting in floral loveliness.

Tree Top Garden

This fun and exciting tree top garden is situated in Berkshire and has been designed by the innovative Adam Vetere giving as that tree house in the forest feeling, Living here must feel like being on a full time getaway.

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