14 Stunning Interior Trends in 2024

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Are you curious what 2024 is bringing us in terms of home design and decor?

Here at Jijjy’s Maison a beautiful home is one that not only looks good; the designs reflects the owners sentiments and passions.

The use of one’s collections such as art, decor pieces, family inherited hirelooms to beautify your home as a lovely way to start.

Henriette von Stockhausen inspires us to spruce up and refresh what we already have or have inherited from parents or grandparents. Using a lick of paint, re-upholstered can really renew decor pieces.

Through this you are also able to repurpose items to decorate your home. What I find is that you end up having unique decor pieces that cannot be found anywhere else at the same time saving the environment by reducing throw away culture.

That is here at Jijjy’s antiques and vintage culture is really embraced.

Take a look at what 2024 has in store for us.


Credit: Decorilla

Again the colour has been used as a canvas to highlight the pretty accessories such as the armchairs the beautiful wall art and luxurious velvet cushions not forgetting the glamorous gold table. Such an uber unique design with its contemporary and almost semi-maximalist design.

Monochrome Curves

Credit: Decorilla

If you are all already asking, the beautiful, stunning furniture is by Curvilinear and Flowy telling us curves are here to stay. Every year the curved furniture silhouettes get more and more exquisite. Have a look at my previous trends and see the curved designs from previous years. The mix of colours and curves give this room a unique modern opulence. We no longer feel modern design is too simple and boring.

Saturated colours

Credit: Dan Donald

This exotic design trend is by the talented designer Patrick Dragonette who has daringly and creatively used earthy tones with bold colors in interiors to energize our senses. Bold use of colours is in this year of 2024.

Mixed Period Styles

Credit: Sam frost

The designer Mary McDonald has designed this exquisite Bel Air California estate with a mix of different time period. Notice the contemporary monochrome rag, gorgeous victorian pink chaises and wall paper which is giving me that chinoiserie feel, right? The designer has also added a tough of 1940s with Bert Stern photographs

Natural materials

Credit: Ellicyon

For that spring feel, you will definitely be inspire by this trend. Notice how creative this is. The designer has used her collection of miniature vases and flowers from her garden not forgetting that stunning tapestry on the wall inspired by Victorian interiors. The clever use of earthy tone, beautiful wood, and pristine stones gives that relaxing cottage feel. It is giving me that chique cottage vibe, posh and refined.

Fusion of Artisty

Credit: Alma de Luces

Absolutely stunning decor with furniture by Alma de Luces is giving us new trend of contemporary interior design, full of character with the curves, textures and patterns. I cannot help feeling it is inspired by the vintage retro eras adding even more opulence.

Glass Bricks

Photo credit: Sharan Pasricha

This design by Roman and Williams of a new Cotswold Hotel Estelle Manor, gives us that nostalgia of 1920s art decor interior inspired by the Victorian style. A beautiful room with space to entertain your guests all in one place; for those who can afford such grand homes.


Credit: Decorila

Just like the name implies; the beautiful colours and cozy interior evokes joy and excitement, relaxation instilling us with a sense of positivity and restoration of the spirit and mind.

Victorian Era

Credit: Elle Decor

Victorian sophisticated living room by Danielle Colding demonstrates. Black is an elegant canvas to add vibrant colours to. As seen here the style is unique and wakens the senses in an extraordinary way. Notice the retro vintage chairs that have been re-upholstered adding even more pzazz to the room.

Natures Comforts

Credit: Decorila

Bring in nature indoors with plants and indoor trees. Use you antiques or vintage pieces to give it that mysterious yet vibrant feel

Contemporary Curves

Credit: Forbes Magazine

Forbe magazine predicts we will be seeing more curved furniture in 2024. This is feels like a contemporary style curves demonstrating a comfortable, relaxed, simple yet stylish interior for those who love that modern trend.

Spring Summer Vibrant Decor

Credit: Decorila

Luxurious Aesthetics

Credit: Almadeluce.com

A beautiful ensemble of curved furniture, velvet, mix of pastels and dark colour- loving that gold chandelier- with delicate little white flowers

Deep Plush

Image credit- Uchronia

This trend is all about pure comfort, luxurious, plush fabrics. This is opulence meets meet deep cozy to lift the ones mood-

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