Annual Rally Concours D’Elegance Rolls-Royce Event

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Blue skies, sunshine and Vintage Glam Event at Burghley House, Stamford

This is a three day event held at the Burghley House Stamford every summer around June. It is organized by the Annual Rally & Concours d’Elegance, giving all Rolls Royce and Bentley enthusiasts an opportunity to gather and show case their restored collections.

I grew up within a family of Brothers and Uncles who love collecting vintage cars; attending Concours d’Elegance Africa was a fun and exciting event to attend every year. My schedule was to visit Burghley house, luckily the Rolls-Royce event was happening on the same day. Missing it was not an option. What marvel, this was the grandest Rolls-Royce convention you will ever see.

The event was attended by Rolls-Royce collectors and members, craft stalls, food stands, auto-car part traders as well as visitors both local and international coming to see the show.

Have a look at what vintage models were available at this beautiful event,

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1922 Chassis

As I was wondering around admiring the vintage cars, I passed a few tents but a little voice kept urging me to go into this specific one. I peeked curiously, and as I entered I was met with even more beautiful Rolls- Royce models. I met a lady -the lovely Rhiannon- just about to sit on a chair outside. So I asked her whether she owns most the cars. Rhiannon happily wakes up and leads me to this stunning cream and black vintage car – ‘GHOST’ – WOW; the pictures do not do it justice, you had to be there. One other thing that excited me was the fact that, a woman is enthusiastic about collecting vintage cars, it was really inspiring.

The history behind Ghost is that it was originally supplied to a Captain Broomhall. He wanted a car that rivaled its fasted competitors at that time. Ghost was designed as a high speed chassis, with speeds over 80 mph and in excess of 3000 rpm adorned with silver plated fittings and light weight body.

Ghost ownership is succeeded and restored by the late Michael Evans – a great Rolls-Royce historian as well as master engineer who restores it to its present glory.

Ghost is now inherited by the lovely Rhiannon, above, the grand daughter of the late Michael Evans; she continues her grand Father’s Dream and legacy as the new owner . If you would like to watch a short interview of Rhiannon, head over to my YouTube channel Jijjy’s Maison.

Of course I had to be in the picture and touch a piece of history. What do you think?

Like i mentioned before, this was the largest congregation of Rolls-Royce you will ever see. To see more vintage models head over to my YouTube channels to watch the event by clicking below.

4 thoughts on “Annual Rally Concours D’Elegance Rolls-Royce Event

  1. I loved all the vintage cars on the video. Each vintage car has a unique story to tell, whether it’s about the era it was produced, the famous personalities associated with it, or the technological innovations it introduced. Owning and driving a vintage car allows enthusiasts to become part of that rich automotive heritage, fostering a sense of pride and connection to the past.

    These classic vehicles are not just modes of transportation; they represent a bygone era of craftsmanship and elegance. Although vintage cars come with their challenges. Maintenance and repair can be more complex and expensive due to the scarcity of parts and specialised knowledge required. But for vintage cars enthusiasts it is worth the headache.

    I will be pushing my uncle for restoration of his classic 1960 ford cardillac to bring it back to its former glory.

    1. Thank you Steven for the lovely comment. Yes the story behind each vintage car gives it, it’s individual charm. It is amazing that all the enthusiasts can meet up and share their love of vintage cars.

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