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How to prepare for a craft event - Jijjys maison blog

And where to get your craft event kit

UK Summer downloading……… and as we wait lets talk about all things Craftsy. Here in the UK as the summers approaches, there are more craft events schedules in literally all counties. Talented individuals around the country are always eager to showcase and share their creations with the public.

Crafts events actually help you reach your audience and be able to either sell your craft products or get your audience aware of your work. This is very good promotions for your work. It is also an opportunity to network with other crafters and an opportunity for future collaborations or partnerships.

This year is no different; lots of events coming up. This is how you can prepare for the event; what will you need to have and what information will you need to get yourself booked into a craft show / event or prepare for one?

Book Yourself In

You will a few events during winter, usually held indoors. In Summer, Autumn and Spring will find a mixture of both indoor and outdoor events. Search online for events in your area and get their contact details. Due to the popularity of these craft events, you need to make sure you contact them usually best via email or online booking form and book yourself not less than 3 months before. If you find they are full up, (because some event do get full in hours) do not shy away from adding yourself on the waiting list. On many occassions , crafters have had to cancel their booking due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Ensure you save your receipt/invoice as proof booking. In many cases, you will receive an email from the organisers confirming your booking, table and chairs or space at the event. Not forgetting the address to the venue and the programme.

Craft Equipement

You are all booked in and excited, what else will you need?

Event venues tend to provide the organisers with tables and chairs. There are cases where organisers out source tents, tables and chairs and costs area incorporated into the price of the booking.

I have booked events where crafters had to bring their own tents, tables and chairs. It just means you a little more to carry but it is worth it if the event has your clientele giving you more exposure.

Here Is one of the events where I used my own event kit. A full weatherproof gazebo; this is a 2 x 2. Table and stool; I did not have chairs to reduce the bulkiness of all the items to be transported. Although I would insist on a chair with a back if you have back pain issues.

Here is where you can get yourself your very own craft event kit.

All Weather Proof Gazebo

You can use this in your garden as well for family meals in summer or parties. It is actually portable, and for this size 2 x 2 it is easy to assemble by one or two people and not to heavy to carry for an average size person. The little windows give it a charm and they come in different colours

Find link below

Telescope Stool / Portable Folding Stool

This find was mind blowing. It opens and closes like a telescope which also means it can be used at different heights and also convenient if you need a stool to stand on to reach up. They come in different delicious colours. Another feature is that you can close it up and carry it like a small handbag to carry it any where with you where there might be no seating or other objects to rest on.

Find link below

Heavey Duty Folding Table

Hundred percent I can tell you this is another of my wisest purchase. There are many tables out there, however this one was so strong and looks good with its design. At 5ft the table gives you a lot of space to place your items, the curved in feet means you wont accidentally kick the feet when rushing around and it is foldable with a handle to carry. Just position it in you car boot and you are ready to go to your craft event, picnics or use it in your back garden Barbecues. At parties as well, remember sometimes you need a smaller table for the children to sit on.

Find link below

I hope this post has helped you get ready for future events as well as be inspired to book yourself in a few.

Links to products: (click on links)

Portable Gazebo

Telescope Stool / Foldable Stool

Foldable Camping Table

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