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Credit: Scots man, Cottage interior decor - Jijjy's Maison Blog

How can we pander on the charm of cottages and not need to explore the interior décor? We view cottages as the ultimate cosiness and tranquillity, what type of interior decor are we expecting in them? Think about it? 

Let’s get into this; expect charming vintage furniture and accessories that will conjure feelings of nostalgia, soft fabrics full of comfort. You will find cottage interior design with soft pastel colours whilst others have a dark traditional feel.  

To achieve this look, visit vintage and antique markets where you will find historical nostalgic furniture. Look for floral fabrics for your cushions and curtains as well as bed covers. Remember your grandmother’s table cloths that were mostly checkered? If you incorporate this, it will work well with your décor as well. 

Just like traditional classic interiors, People living in cottages also love collecting trinkets and accessories from other cultures when traveling so expect some exotic collections from different cultures. For instance, carpets, rags, ornaments, murals and other wall hangings 

Another very common feature in cottage interior décor is, exposed wall for that natural look. For instance, exposed red, terracotta or grey bricks. Exposed wood pillars on the walls as well as the ceiling. 

Let’s dive in and indulge in some inspirations. Here is Jijjy’s Maison ‘Cottage Interior Capsule’. 

Credit: Jamie Williams

Dedham Vale Cottage

Credit: House and garden, Photo: Benedict Foley, Daniel Slowik’s cottage in the Dedham Vale

Wiltshire Thatched House

Credit: Real homes, Photo: Jody Stewart, Inspired by the antique Howard models, Sofas & Stuff elegant
Credit: Real homes, Mark Watts
Credit: The Scots Man
Credit: Better homes and gardens, Cottage colour scheme scheme: Joyelle West
Credit: Pooky.com Photo: Carlo Garcia
Credit: Design Ideas
Credit: G-pulse, Cottage style living,

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