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Mixed Media Art

Promarkers are one of the popular markers in the scene right now. They come in packs of 12 plus a blending/eraser marker. Promarkers also come in different sets which include different shades of colours.

Click on image to get your very own set

Separate from this you will find nude colours to use when painting skin tones. I think this is amazing allowing us to explore our creativity even further.

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If you use other markers please share with me in the comments section below.

In this post I am sharing with you a fun mixed media art I was trying out that you could also give it a go.

You can either draw your own picture or print one from Google images. Remember google images are usually copyrighted and not for commercial use, they tend to be sourced from pixabay, shutterstock, freepic, clipart, among others. But you can download from these sites for free or by purchasing rights to use for commercial purposes. In my case, this is for my own use and enjoyment.

Credit: Free Pik

For the face and neck, I used a mix of skin tone colours and set 1. I started with the skin tone coral on the right places such as the nose, forehead, chin, below the nose under the eyes and cheeks. I went over this with the shade cocoa from skin tone range. The secret is to keep adding and blending the shades until you get the desired effect. (To watch this in more details head over to my youtube channel. Link below.)

Copyright: Jijjy’s Maison

I applied the same technique on the leaves. It really is as therapeutic as using paint to create your art.

The flowers need to be popping and I decided to think outside the box make it fun and go for mixed media. I started with colouring the flowers.

Copyright: Jijjy’s Maison

Creating the Flowers

There are different ways you can create the flowers. I hope you read &/or watched my post – “Floral fountain in a floating cup”. Here you will see how I made flowers for that project. I used at least 200gsm of paper and some flower shaped die cut.

Get your own here (click) – Die cut flower , Small Flowers , 200gsm paper

To cut the shapes I used a die cut machine which created a clean cut compared to hand cutting with scissors-which make your fingers pain after a few. It is also great for people with joint conditions such as arthritis allowing you to continue enjoying your craft; have a look below at the different types;

Hand operated die cut machine

Click on image to get own

Electric Operated Die Cut Machine

Click on image to get your own.

Flower Petals created using Electric Die Cut Machine

Copyright Jijjy’s Maison

Next, I coloured the cut out petals using my promarker pens set 1 and 2 to match the flowers on the illustration or drawing.

Copyright: Jijjy’s Maison

You can apply two coating of the colours if you prefer. Its best to wait for the flowers to dry then stick the petals together. I used a book binding glue which dries clear and all you need is very small dots so that the paper is not to wet.

Copyright: Jijjy’s Maison, Painting or colouring all done

To stick the flowers on to the picture I used my book binding glue I mentioned above. Allow the glue to dry and flowers to stick. See below the finished piece. I found these craft diamontes on amazon, they come in different shapes for instance flowers, love hearts, diamond. In this project I used the heart shaped diamontes as earings. I have named this piece Nefrutoten

Copyright Jijjy’s Maison, Nefrutoten

I had so much fun creating this craft piece. Let me know what you think of it. Acrylic paint was used for the polka dot as well as the pink with gold dots. If you would like to watch how I made it in more details head over to my channel- Jijjy’s Maison or click on the video below. Kindly remember to like, subscribe and share either or both of my blog post and Vlog post.

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