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Uk’s Chocolate Box Country Side

Have you always dreamt of a cosy home in the beautiful tranquil countryside? Well, that makes two of us or millions of us. There is something about the British country side and their cottages that gives them that fairy tale feel. I remember my hiking days; my friends and I always called these charming country sides full of cottages – ‘chocolate box towns’. 

What is the charm behind British cottages? It is the long history that date back as far as 300 year the quaint architecture, manicured gardens, together with the beautiful natural green countryside and farms, creamed with natural homemade food that comes from the farms and the livestock rared right there within the farms.

As I write this, I am reminiscing one of our friends’ group trips to the Lake district. There is a charming cottage café near a river and wheel owned by a lovely couple who literally made all the cakes, flapjacks, brownies among others, right there on site. I never knew flap jacks could taste that good. I have never eaten a supermarket packaged flapjack ever again. The taste is not the same. 

Just like many historical buildings in the UK, many of the cottages are actually grade one or two listed which means one cannot renovate the cottage to the point where it changes the original design.  

Another charm about the British country side and the cottages is how beautiful it looks when it snows as well as in spring and summer when everything is green and all the flowers bloom. That’s when you notice the full glory of the well-manicured gardens. 

In this post I will be sharing with you –Jijjy’s Maison capsule – of quaint cottage in the UK countryside. 

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Credit: Faerie door cottage, Wiltshire
Credit: HMRC
Credit: British country homes
Credit: Country life, Photo: Michael Graham
Credit: U splash
Credit: Real homes, Sky cottages
Credit: Cambridge news
Credit: Country living, Photo: David Clapp, GettyImages

Would you live in a cottage? Which of the cottage designs did you love?

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