How to Use Kintsugi to Repair my Chinoiserie Vase 

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Hey Lovelies, 

What other interior accessories do you used to style your beautiful homes. Do you use vases? Recently I had visitors over for lunch and dinner, unfortunately there was an accident where a bottle fell off the table and crushed on to one of my beautiful large Chinoiserie vases, part of my Chinoise collection.

I was really disheartened but could not show my guest this. As I collected all the pieces my mind was racing with thoughts of how I can put it back together and make it all good.  

To fix this situation, I researched on the best glues for pottery and ceramics. Unfortunately, one of the glues I read about worked but looked unsightly as it dried into a yellowy tint. Every day I looked at it saddened. I asked myself what can use to make this unsightly glue more beautiful. 

Instantly, I remembered a very engaging Japanese program that included repairing of pottery with gold. I could not remember the technique. As one does in the 21st century, I jumped online to do more research on this then found Kintsugi.  

In addition, I also accidentally dropped one of my favourite little vintage bowls; instead of throwing it away I decided to try and fix it and place it on the dresser for decoration. 

“This is it”, I thought excitedly; I remembered all the gold paint I have in my stash, that I use for my crafts as well as gold furniture paint for my upcycling projects. I thought, “this is what I will use for my Kintsugi inspired repair”.

Due to the fact that I previously used glue to repair the vase, I decided to add a twist to the Kintsugi technique. In my stash I have lacquer gold paint as well as enamel gold paint. I applied the enamel gold paint on the small bowl and a gold lacquer paint on the Chinoiserie vase to see the quality and finish once used. 

By using thin art brushes, it ensured the ease of application of thin lines of gold paint on to the cracks.  

Image of me applying the gold paint 

My Little Vintage Bowl Repair using Kintsugi Inspired Technique

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My Chinoiserie Repair using Kintsugi Inspired Technique

I will leave these for a few months and see how the colour sets in and give you the results. 

You will enjoy and benefit from reading the “History of Kintsugi“ to get more inspired. 

In addition, if you would like to watch how I did this in more detail, you can watch it here

(embeded video) 

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