Top 10 Chinoiserie Trends 2023 

Credit RuffledBlog- Chinoiserie trends 2023 by Jijjy's Maison Blog

Have you heard of Chinoiserie? If not, then it means you have not read my previous posts on history of Chinoiserie, “The beautiful world of Chinoiserie”, and my other post on, “Stunning Chinoiserie interior Décor” . You can head over there after indulging on this new post. You will not be disappointed.  

My YouTube post on, “Chinoiserie Inspired Interior Decor Trends 2020” has achieved 24000 views by far the most watched video. This means many of you have the same obsession with Chinoiserie as myself. 

I love collecting Chinoiserie, and I admit I have, eerrmm, A very healthy obsession with Chinoiserie, which I acquired the after I received a Chinoiz-vase as a present from a lovely friend.  

In this post I just want to share with you new trending Chinoiserie styles. The beautifully painted vases and wall paper continues to wow the masses and I have to say this décor trend is timeless. 

Indulge in my 2023 Chinoiserie capsule below.

Mustard Garden

CREDIT: At Charlottes house

Elegant Chinoiserie Noire

Credit: House of Andaloo

Rosella Garden

Credit: I WallPaper Interior

Tribeca Ginger Jar Vase

Credit: Namas living, Beautiful home accessory storage flower vase decorative

Quex Garden Midnight

Credit: Extreme design, Left- Quex Garden Midnight by Fromental Right- Hand painted wallpaper by Gracie
Credit: Pender Peony

Garden Noire

Credit: Your home style, Wallpaper designer: de GournayB

Chinoiserie Wedding Decor

Credit: Ruffled Blog, Wedding decor- (Something borrowed something blue)

Bold Blue and White

Credit: English traditions, Photo: Ruby lane,

City by the Sea

Credit: Gardinia and Myrtle

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