Floral Fountain in a Floating Cup

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Hey Lovelies  

Jijjy here, coming to you with a fun craft session. The title explains it all. I learnt to make this piece of art through this beautiful couple behind crafts4smiles, I had to share with and also inspire you to create fun things. 

How was this done? This involved cutting out pieces using cri-cut. 

Then I glued the pieces together to create the physical saucer and cup. 

Image of the saucer and the cup. 

To give the cup a sprinkle of glam, I added some gold touches on the rims/edges of the cup and the saucer.

Making the flowers was so much fun. This can be done using cri-cut or die cut machine and colour them to add to all the fun. Another option is using different coloured papers to cut out the flowers.  In my case I coloured them using marker pens

I then used little craft tool with a ball at the end to curl up the flowers ready to stick them together.

I added sequins to the middle of the flowers to add a little fun glam to the flowers. 

After connecting the floating cup above the saucer, I attached the flowers to the structure using a glue gun.

I used this instead of normal glue because it takes long to dry and the flowers will just fall off.

Glue Gun 

Prepare to have a messy work top in this process. Quite a few glue webs which you can tidy up at the end. Below is the finished piece in its glory.

Finished Flower Fountain in Floating Cup

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If you would like to watch how I create this, you can click on the video below. 

Thank you 

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