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The famous Peterborough Cathedral was exhibiting the work of talented artist within the borough. A considerable percentage was highlighting the war in Ukraine and the suffering of the people as a result of this war.

It was a mixture of beautiful abstract contemporary art, charming vintage watercolours, captivating photography as well as stunning sculptures.

Below are a few of the Art displayed at the Peterborough Cathedral.

Oh Yez

By Anna Anderson

This painting is entitled Oh Yes to celebrate the Queens jubilee in 2022. It is painting of Peterborough town crier Pearl Capewell outside the beautiful guildhall. Pearl apparently is 53 years old and has held this position for 35 years. Anna the artist behind this charming painting also felt that it was her way of celebrating the Queen’s life – creating a connection between the late Queen and city of Peterborough.

Stamford Collage 2022 and Embassy Theater (Peterborough 1937)

By Jonathan Hensman

This is Jonathan’s version of a snap shot in time of the local buildings and towns. It is his version of Stamford collage and embassy theater which were both completed in 2022.

Highland Cattle and Sea Wave

By Rob Crann

This charming painting of a cow has been completed by an artist who had been painting with his right hand for years. After a stroke Rob felt encouraged to continue his passion of painting by using his left hand. This is his first painting that he has done in 2022 with his left hand. It is absolutely adorable.

Room with Two Chairs

By Sarah Wheatley

For artist Sarah, this painting has a personal connection with 2022. To Sarah 2022 is a special year, it is the year her maternity leave came to an end. Sarah, her husband and there new born baby go on holiday together. This painting is an inspiration of the charming cottage they stayed in, and the lovely memories they acquired from that vacation.

Sky High

By Patricianne Jones

Patricianne the artist behind this beautiful picture teaches us that we can find happiness in any situation if we look deep enough. During the pandemic amidst all the angst, isolation, uncertainties, she would sit in her beautiful garden watching the butterflies flying around the pretty flowers and she would imagine floating above like a little bear. This inspired her to create this gorgeous piece of art.

The Empty Chair

By Evita4All

Evita the artist behind this charming art was inspired by the passing of the Queen which demonstrates the empty chair after the Queen passed


Christopher Metcalf

This alluring piece of art a depiction of refugees during a war. The artist Christopher is describing to us the grief and hardship of a family trying to protect their child. Christopher has been overwhelmed by the wars around the world especially Ukraine and Afghanistan and all he could picture in his mind are the refugees pouring out of their countries with no destination in mind, desperate to save their families, their children.


By Nishta Bhatia

This is lovely painting of a cat called Abbey who belongs to Nishta aged 10. Abbey was bored during the lock down and Nishta took the opportunity to paint her. At age 10 I think Nishta is a very talented artist.

Coming Home

Rosalyn Lorimer

The talented artist Rosalyn was inspired by the folklore of corgis. It is such a beautiful painting of a pretty corgi in a charming winter forest with green foliage underneath.

Foxy Lady

By Lily Devereaux

After the pandemic Lily found her again and started painting and this is one of her first inspirations post pandemic.

The art exhibition was full of amazing work from Cambridgeshire local artists, not forgetting the chance to tour the beautiful Peterborough cathedral. Please remember to like, subscribe and share this post.

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