Top 10 Gorgeous Interior Feature walls 2023

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This year I thought it will be great to chat with you and share a tinsy bit about feature walls. How pretty can they look? It is also a great alternative for those who prefer a less maximalist style, at the same time, want to add a small wow factor to their interior d├ęcor.  

When choosing a design for your feature walls, consider the textures and colours to use, consider those that bring out positive and energising vibes or that invoke tranquillity. Add your favourite trinkets or pictures that remind you of good memories. Could be gifts, pictures, or collection of trinkets 

Feature walls are great point of discussion when you invite guests to your home. Makes your home more exciting as it injects your mind with bursts of positive exhilaration from the colours, patterns and textures. 

They can be as simple as just a different colour with beautiful accessories, wall paper to 3D design on the wall. Not forgetting large murals which was popular in the Victorian era. Envisage a gallery wall or even a large painting. 

Take a peek at these below. 

Bird Forest

Credit: Better homes and gardens

Enchanting Garden

Credit: Architectural digest, Photo: Fabien Charuau Krsnaa Mehta, Designer: Krsnaa Mehta’s

Boho Center Piece

Credit: My Domain, Mocha Girl Place


Credit: Doris Leslie Blau, SF Girl By Bay

Bespoke Mural

Credit: Graham brown, Kandinsky Swinging,

Gallery Wall

Credit: Your homestyle, Image-

Opulent Wall

Credit: Evolve India, Photo: Behance


Credit: Apartment Therapy, Photo: Emma Fiala


Credit: Furniture choice, Craftberry bush

Pink Chinoiserie

Credit: Swoon Worthy

Do you already have a feature wall? What was your inspiration behind it? Do these designs inspire you to have a feature wall or change your existing one? Share with us by adding your comments below.  If you would like to watch more of the trends, click on the video below.  

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