Enchanting African Inspired Interior Design Trend 2023

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The African design trend is thriving and gliding through the décor world as we speak. People are loving the earthy, bold colours, exotic patterns and luxurious textures. 

Expect to find warm colours as well in addition to the splashes of vibrancy. Your will find a variety of trends in here demonstrating the diverse African cultures. I discovered elegant silhouettes and beautiful craftsmanship that will definitely inspire you.

The exquisitely made interior accessories are usually crafted by talented men and women from different tribes around Africa. Sales made from these crafts greatly increase or improve the quality of life for these tribes living in Africa, I feel they do not get enough recognition and value the deserve. 

The African interior design styles I have collated will take you to another world for sure. You will feel like either connecting with nature or going on a long African holiday to the Serengeti, Tsavo or all round African safari. 

If you do make a point of visiting Africa or the islands to get yourselve some beautiful African home accessories, kindly remember to pay the crafters mamas and babas their value and worth like you would in a normal shop and promote them to lift their lively hood.

After enjoying this post have a look at one of the famous African markets that I visited called the Maasai Market.

Below are some of the African interior design styles I came across. 

Safari Soul

Credit: Hip couch

Afro Luxury

Credit: Algedra designs

Natural Materials

Credit: Impressive Interior Design

Safari Console

Credit: Hip Couch

Exotic and Cultural

Credit: Small Design Ideas

Serengeti Dinning

Native Sumptuousness

Credit: Cecil and Boyde

Desert Dream

Credit: Small Design Ideas

Afro Monochrome

Stricking & Inspiring

Credit: Decoist

What do you think of the designs? Would you incorporate some of the accessories with your modern décor? Share with us by adding your comments below.  If you would like to watch more of the trends, click on the video below.  

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2 thoughts on “Enchanting African Inspired Interior Design Trend 2023

  1. I love most of your designs. I now live in United States and am planning to move to Europe so do you ship anywhere in the world?

    1. Hello Victoria, Thank you for reaching out, these are the interior design Trends. If you like them, I hope they have inspired you in your future home refurbishment.

      As for my own hand made products, I can only ship to UK and some parts of Europe due to expensive postage costs.

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