History of the Iconic Dorchester Hotel London

History of the Dorchester hotel london on Jijjy's Maison BLog

Dorchester is one of those historic hotels. The doors were first opened in 1931.
the most famous guests at that time graced the floors of the hotel.

In the 18th century there was a house built on the same land and spot and was bought and
owned by Earl of Dorchester Joseph Damer; it was then named the Dorchester House.

Credit: Dorchester collection – Dorchester house

Mid 19th century it was bought by Robert Holford who replaced the house with a grand palazzo
building; and the name Dorchester house remained. However a room was named – Holford room
in honour of him.

Dochester collection- Holford room even space

In the 20th century The Dorchester was turned into an American Embassy. When the 1st world
war started in 1929 it was turned into a hospital to treat the wounded.

Dorchester collection – Dorchester house in occupation of the American Ambassador, Mr Whitelaw Reid

Later on, ownership changed to a Sir Robert McAlpine who had a romantic vision for the
building. In 20th April 1931 the doors of a new and revamped state-of-the-art Dorchester was opened.
Sir Robert McAlpine’s dream was manifested.

Dochester collection: The newly built hotel

Dorchester become one of the most frequented hotels in London, by Royalty and
celebrities. Spectacular influential parties, state banquets
and charity balls where held here not less than one a week with guest appearances such as
the British Royal Family.

Dorchester collection- Ballroom in 1930s
Dorchester collection- history of The dorchester. Also in Jijjy's Maison Blog
Dorchester collection- HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Philip at a charity event at the Dorchester 1948

During its life span, the Hotel acquired a warm hearted nick name as, “The Dorch”
including turning into a “building of special interest” – this also meant it was
listed as a Grade II.

Dorchester collection

On 26th November 1990, The Dorchester went through an extensive spruce up and was
unveiled. On this same day the day was honoured by HRH Philip uncovering
a new Dorchester Plaque in the lobby.

In 24th January 2023 we are witnessing a new unveiling of The Iconic Dorchester Hotel in
London. Read all about it and have a peek at the hotels beautiful new look. – (click link) – “Debut of the New Dorchester Hotel London

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