Top 10 Exquisite Interior Design trends 2023 

Credit Veranda- Jijjy's Maison Blog Interior capsule 2023

Hey Lovelies, 

Happy new year to you all and your families. What are your new year’s resolutions?  I am hoping you are all entering the year with positive thinking.  

Talk about positive thinking, it is said that changing your environment or changing and rearranging your existing environment really shifts your mind set. Start by reorganizing and de-cluttering your home, and my favourite has got to be redecorating.

Make a few changes from time to time for instance – seasonally. In winter – changing your home accessories, adding more cozy items, moving the furniture or buying new furniture, changing an existing sofa, cushions and rag, really lifts the spirits and fills you with excitement. Consequently, increasing your energy and motivation to be creative. 

As I was indulging in 2023’s latest interior design trends, I put together a 2023 home décor capsule just for you.  

Have a look : – 

Art Decor Encore

Credit: Decorilla, Designer – Sierra G

Retro Chic

Credit: The Every Girl

Peach Glamour

Credit: Living Etc, Photo: Stephan Julliard

Unique Retro vintage

Credit: New decor trends

Mixed Era

Credit: The Every Girl

Wellness Home

Photo credit: Nathan Schroder

Minimalist Bohemian Chic

Credit: New decor trends,

Accent Wall

Credit: Insider, Designer: Kuprynenko Andrii, Photo: Shutter stock

Vintage Materials

Credit: Home world design, New york apartment

Vintage Parlor

Credit: House beautiful, Design firm Chused & Co.

Which design style rocked your boat. Share with us by adding your comments below. If you would like to watch more of the trends, click on the video below.  

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