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Hey lovelies, what do you enjoy doing the most in your life. What puts you at ease and takes you to a calm place, your zen? In my case I would say : – creating which can anything from crafting, art, sewing. In fact for me it all started when I was as young as 4 years old. I remember being quite bored after moving to a new address with all my friends left behind.

In my young days, my parents had gifted me, a children’s painting kit. I used to look at the African calendars in our home and wonder whether I can recreate it as a drawing or a painting. So I would take the back of an old calendar – with its thicker GSM paper and paint on them. Over time I became more confident and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed sewing little dresses for my dolls and got the opportunity to learn this skill more in school.

My parents were very academic, therefore did not think to nature my talent in painting. African and Asians can relate to this amusing experience. Our parents directed us to excel academically more than anything.

As I ventured deeper into school I found myself dropping my love for painting. I remember not really loving school that much and not focusing very well. Still, I did excel academically with parents encouragement and ended up in finance. For this I thank them so much.

Later on in life after achieving my academic dream to the level I wanted, I found myself thinking of painting and recently I started this journey a fresh.

It would be really lovely if you could join me in this journey. And if you are in the same journey as well, it is a great opportunity to share and just enjoy the journey together.

I found myself very interested in water colours. My interest in this grew because, I used to look at pretty water colour paintings and think, there is no way I would know how to do that. Since I am also on a journey to venture into things that scare me, I jumped straight in and started on it.

The rest is history. Please have a look at some of my painting below. After my first attempt all the doubts were washed away and I gained confidence to venture further inwards. One of the things I have to do is learn the different brush strokes. At the same time discover new ones.

If I have managed to encourage and inspire you, I have added links below to guide you to the best materials and equipment to get you started on your journey.

Crawford and Black Water Colours
Paint Tray and Paint brushes
Brush tip shape and size I used
Started with simple flowers.

Just to make it even more fun, you can watch how I learn. Follow my journey both on my blog as well as on my YouTube Channel Jijjy’s Maison.

Links to Paints, Brushes, Paper.

  • Magic fly water colour paint
  • Painting Brushes
  • Water colour Paper/book

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