10 Chic Home Library Decor Ideas

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Correct me if I am wrong; but do you feel the lock downs have really changed the way want our home environments to be. We were forced to spend so much time indoors which gave rise to home offices.

In this post I am highlighting another important room in the home: – the home library;  a space to stimulates your mind whilst you rest.  As someone who loves books I strongly believe home libraries would greatly benefit all, especially families with children. Home libraries also, add more beauty in a home design.

Even though we have computers now, anything can happen to technology in this unpredictable world we live in.

The pandemic brought a rise in home working and I believe home libraries invite that thurst for knowledge as well as promotes innovation. This goes hand in hand with creating home environments that promote and maintain good mental / psychological health – whether in or out of a pandemic. Read more about this in my past posts : – “Decor accessories to enhance your well-being during a pandemic” and or “playful and beautiful balcony decor ideas” – to help you create outdoor or indoor green spaces.

Have a look at some inspirations below. Remember it is important that your decor represents  your personality your character. Therefore, incorporate things you like with new or old  trends or just go right out unique and individual. 

Well there you go, which of the interior styles really encouraged you to have a home library? If you did which of these do you see in your home? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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