My Favourite 10 Interior Wall Colour in 2022

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I would like to know how you all felt in the beginning of the year 2022, with the diminishing pandemic. Personally I felt the need to start the new year a fresh and I found myself looking for new colours for my home that can express what I am feeling. There was a sense of liberation in the air; We no longer needed to isolate, making us all feel free and ready to live life again.

According to consumer trends, the rise in paint and decoration products suggests that many people wanted to express this freedom in their surroundings.

Below are some of the interior colours that trended in 2022.

Max Dazzle

Ref: Real homes– Max dazzle – Coat paints

White Wave

Ref: Dulux

Green Scene

Ref: Dulux – Green scene

Beige grey

Ref: House & garden, Image credit- Base Interior image credit- Christopher Horwood

Cacooning Effect

Ref: Living, Image credit – Paul Massey


Ref: Dunelm

Black Ceilings

Ref: Four Wall and Winston


Ref: Real homes, Image credit- Albion Nord

Easy to Live with Grey

Ref: House and garden, Image credit – Andrew steel

Sophisticated Brown

Ref: Better homes and garden, Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

Which colours rocked our boat? Share with us by commenting below.

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