My 10 Favourite Interior Design Trends in 2022

Jijjy's Maison interior trends 2022

The year 2022 see’s us taking back control of our home decor styles, after the last couple of years of being forced to turn our homes into semi functional home offices. Designers creative minds have expanded, and been able to design homes that are still cozy and stylish despite the incorporation of home office into the home design.

We have our dinning tables, kitchens and living rooms back looking beautiful and tidy and stylish.

After indulging in all the gorgeous top 2022 interior designs or decor out there, I came up with my top ten 2022 favourites to share with you.

Ref: Good house keeping – Ron Blunt
Ref: Real homeSweet pea and willow
Ref: House and beautiful – Rose and Gray
Ref: Decorilla
Ref; House beautifulRose Hulse gorgian home – Photo – paul massey
Ref: Decorilla
RefL: Good housing keeping, Photo – Lauren Pressey
Ref: Good housing keeping, Photo – Lauren Pressey
Ref: Vogue

Which of these interior designs rock your boat. Share your view with us in the comment section.

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