How to decorate your Christmas 2022

Jijjy's Maison Christmas Tree decoration

Christmas 2022 is here my lovelies. I am really enjoying the festive mood and the beautiful lights in the towns and homes. Everything looks so cheerful and gorgeous. When did you set up your Christmas tree. I am actually putting mine up so late this year its embarrassing. Last year I had everything planned including my handmade tree decorations you can read it here “Christmas Decor 2020” or watch here.” Vlogmas 2020 “.

I found this tree at a bargain at a market in London. There is no way I am getting the same size of tree for the same price in a store especially today in the recession. Many are priced at least 80% or more extra.

So, how do we get our Christmas tree ready;

First things first, Where in the home or living room would you like the tree to be? In my case I would like it on the wall opposite the window since my window is too busy. It will be situated where I can see it and enjoy its ambiance no matter where in the room i am.

Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison – Christmas tree decoration

Secondly – Add the lights on the tree first. If you add them last, you will struggle trying to install them through all the decor pieces.

Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison blog – This specific star lights are from the pound shop. I really liked the shape and they are battery powered for those who want to save on electricity. Duracell would really last long on these

Thirdly – what colour themes comes to mind. This year I chose the traditional look with greens, reds, silvers and golds. I decided to stick to a green tree since I miss the summer already and wishing for that green nature vibes.

Once you decide on a colour theme, go out there and get your tree decoration accessories. I bought my pieces from Asda and some online from Amazon. I have shared with you the links on the images.

Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison – Christmas Lights – How to decorate your Christmas tree
Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison – How to decorate a Christmas tree – Small baubles
Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison Christmas Decoration 2022 – Bigger red and white baubles

And here we are, Christmas tree all adorned in its glory with gold, reds, jewel greens and rose golds, as well as white.

Pic Credit: Jijjy’s Maison Christmas Decoration 2022

I had an amazing time setting up and decorating. I hope you did to. I would love to hear from you, your experiences this year with getting ready for Christmas and all. Just comment below and lets have a fun chat.

If you would like to see the video of how I do this, head over to my channel Jijjy’s Maison or watch it here.

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