Peterborough Cultural Event

Spring 2022

Peterborough is a colourful borough in the county of Cambridgeshire with colourful diverse cultures. Home to one of UKs famous cathedral.

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral ; Image credit- Dreams Time

Peterborough is an upcoming town, attracting Londoners as well as other cities, with its diversity and affordable properties and accommodation. If you ask me, as an avid hiker, I like exploring the towns beautiful green spaces and historical spots.

Image credit: Dreams Time

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Every year the town opens the season of spring with a cultural event where inhabitants from different countries showcase and share their traditions.

This colourful event is organised by Peterborough’s own heroe, Bernadette Omondi who is the chair of Black history month Peterborough. A town sweet heart who has been a great help to many especially during the Covid pandemic.

The event is also a fun family day out where the Mayor joins in the festivities; there was food, including amazing music from one of Peterborough’s au-fait DJs.

Visitors encountered, Peterborough’s own talent pool. From delicious truffle connoisseur home made by Rainbow brigadeiros gourmet, exquisite party decorations handmade by sweet dreams Atelier, delicate coffee by Fraser Goddon, interior accessory brands such as myself Jijjy’s Maison,- as well as beautifully presented cultural attires.

The event further showcased dazzling handmade Kurti/salwar kameez. Elegant traditional Nigerian attire as well as handmade jewellery from Edo state.

The go to lady for natural hair protecting accessories, is Nina who is the brilliance behind Nova by nina. All products beautifully handmade, from fabrics that protect the natural afro hair.

Nova by Nina- natural hair protection

Latvia was well presented with their traditional Letgale dress, an alluring red and white gown, head dress and shawl with beautiful embroidery.

Latvian letgale dress

Poland had a talented artists/painter Malgorzata Servanska with her captivating art.

As well as enchanting indoor/outdoor pots handcrafted from concrete by designer Jurgita Bilinskiene.

The magical land of Kenya was well presented by Peterborough’s own hero with her exotic kitenge dress and Maasai style hair and head piece as seen above. There was Kenyan jewellery to purchase and the proceeds went to charity.

There was also – interior accessories with a taste of Kenya, from the African range, handmade with love by Jijjy for Jijjy’s Maison.

There was an opportunity to have a taste of delicious Ugandan food. They also showcased their charming kitchen accessories as well as their famous delightful Gomesi dress was not to be missed.

The list is endless.

Just make sure you turn up for the next one. So that you can experience it for yourself. You can also watch the event on my channel Jijjy’s Maison for that viewing experience. Click below

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