Felting Fun With Jijjy

Hi Lovelies, I pray you are all hanging in there and keeping safe. I want to share with you one of my favourite craft projects.  

Here I use felt to create a small, charming landscape picture using felt. If felt is something you have always wanted to do then have a look or read this post. 

I feel some of you already know what felt is; however, for those who do not, – Felt is man fabric, woven with wool and natural fibre. The fibre is pressed together using heat, moisture, and a lot of pressure to create it – (Contrado).  

Click here (CLICK) to read about the history of felt and types of felt. 

Felting for beginners: – 

What you will need is a big sponge.

Normal washing sponge it’s cost effective

Otherwise get the normal filters sponge from Amazon.

felting sponge

Felting needle 

Be careful, this is a dangerous hobby, the needles are very sharp. Many have accidently and continuously pricked themselves 

Felting needles

Finger protector for felters 

Finger guard

Stiff felt or Pre-Felt 

Stiff felt

Balls of wool felt. 

The colours depend on what you want to make. 

Merino wool



Marker Pen 

You will need this to draw an outline of the image of what you want to create 

Marker pens

Prepare and start your felting

First take your stiff felt and draw outline of what you would like to make. Then, – take the sponge and place the hessian on it. Place your stiff or pre- felt on the hessian. 

Pull out the colour of wool felt you would like to start needling on to the image. Use your fingers to separate or spread out the wool where you want it. The place it on the image and stick it into place using the felting needle. 

Felting fun with Jijjy
Jijjy's Maison Blog.

Keep doing this until you create the whole image. If you feel some areas have less colour just add on some felt to it. 


Felting fun with Jijjy

This is my finished felt picture. What do you think?

Felting Fun with Jijjy: Chicken Family at Home

If you would like to watch my video on how I did mine. Head over to, my video (link at end of my post) 

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Felting Fun with Jijjy

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