20 Interior Wallpaper Trends 2022

Back again lovelies with another more interesting compilation of interior trends for 2022. This one is all about wallpaper. If you want to make your home décor even more interesting, stylish, to tell a story use wallpaper on a feature wall or all walls in a room.  Here we go: –  

Pink Charlotte 

I am loving this wallpaper, in addition to the pretty combination of colours it also reminds me of a modern chinoiserie pattern – which has a lot of history behind it. check out my post on it here (CLICK). According to interior trend setters this design will hit the streets in spring (interior design magazine) 

Credit: Interior Design Mag

Plant world

Beautiful in its own right; what does it remind you of? In my case it reminds me of being on holiday in a tropical country with lots of foliage. If we end up in another lock down, you will not feel it with your home looking like this. 

Credit: In decor trends
Credit: In decor trends

Textile wallpaper 

According to ‘In Décor Trends ‘, this pretty wallpaper does not fade, it is made out of vinyl i.e., non-woven which means it will keep in the heat as well as the sound to a level. All this advantages plus it will turn any space into a stylish room. 

Credit: In decor trends

Liquid Wallpaper  

This stunning lavender wallpaper not only look gorgeous in a room, but it is also very easy to install. Apparently, it does not need positioning and adjustments. This wallpaper is also made from a viscous material that makes it easy to cover up any faults on your wall for instance cracks.  

Knitt Wallpaper 

This wallpaper is fun, playful, and energising.  Picture it in the family’s playroom or art room. It already brings out the creativity in me. What about you? 

Fashion Strips 

This is for the homes who are daring and like style. The monochrome stripes are eye catching and very fashionable, it will look stunning if used sparingly as part of a whole décor ensemble. 

Credit: In decor trend

Flowers in Harmony 

The artistic pencil drawing gives this wallpaper pattern a charm. If you want to continue with the floral wallpaper trends from 2019 but want something different and new, this is it. The floral pattern brings a cheerful ambiance to a home, in addition, this wallpaper is also non-woven meaning it keeps in heat and sound. 

Credit: Home decorating tips

Chinese Flair 

Again, I have to mention it, this gives me those chinoiserie vibes for sure. This one comes in a warm dusty mustard shade, with a pretty pattern of little flowers blooming. If you plan to change the look of your walls this will look beautiful in spring or autumn.    

Bird Sonnet 

Another chinoiserie inspired wall pattern from wallpaper direct, with patterns of birds on an orchid tree. Apparently, just to add fun to this stunning design, there are hidden botanical creature within the leaves and flowers. Fun game to play when you friends come over or as a family. 

Credit: Wallpaper Direct

African Tribe  

(by Art ldea Decal) 

A beautiful image of African women and men coming from or going to the market. The bright and colourful images naturally bring joy and light heartedness into a room. Use it on a feature wall and accessorise with African accessories and furniture for that African inspired interior style.  

Credit: Art Ideal Decal – Etsy

Heavenly Cherry Blossom 

Such a pretty fresh pastel colour with its sky-blue shade and little white flowers and different colour branches to the textile wall paper, it will also look really pretty in spring season. I see this design in any room in a home, either as a feature wall or all round a room.   It is an easy peel and stick as well as removable and reusable wallpaper. 


Peacock Aurora 

This wallpaper has such an elegant classic artistic look. I can envisage it in a classic vintage home interior, used on a feature wall. If you love art this might catch your eye. Just like the Peacock wallpaper, it is also, easy peel, stick and reusable.  

Credit: Aurora wallpapers

Platinum Rose Gold Damask. 

Damask will always be a timeless classic vintage glam. This wallpaper with its rose gold, luxurious foil patterns, brings such opulence to a home. Use it as a feature wall or for an entire room. 

Tropical Rainforest Parrot 

Pure tropical heaven, this is stunning I would suggest using it as a feature wall in a room. It is cheerful and vibrant which makes it energising. With this pattern as well, you will not feel so isolated from nature in case of a lock down. 

Versailles Grand 

This beautiful scene of the animals in the garden is an echo of a French’s 18th century wallpaper. I love its exquisite colours of fresh pink chartreuse and lime. As well as autumnal mulberry amethyst and copper. It will turn any room into a dream boat. (Latzio.com) 

Credit: Cole and Son

Bright Floral Garden 

We just can not have enough of floral wallpaper. This design with large flowers is used to make a big room look smaller; and smaller flowers will make a small room seem bigger, this is the advice by (E DecorTrends) 

Credit: E decor trends

African Mural 

A stunning picture of the jungle with all our favourite animals. Remember the natural habitat of 90% of the animals in here is savannah. They do not live in jungles. Still, it is such an enchanting mural to have on the wall. It will look captivating in a children’s playroom, library or even a garden patio if you are going for the jungle look with lots of beautiful plants inside and into the garden. If I had that in my home, it would be my hide away.

Credit: Photo wall

African Woman  

Another enchanting mural of African women, with inviting, lovely shades of warm wine red and dark mustard. Used on a feature wall it brings warm into a room and looks like it is telling a story that your dinner party visitors will be discussing after a meal sipping wine. 

Designer: Ijele Collections – on Etsy

Flamingo Flight 

This is a design by Rasch Paper hanging. It looks fresh and pretty and will brighten any room. Can be used in the girls’ room or even as a feature wall in any other room or to act as a mural. The colours are really eye catching and will dazzle up any room. Not forgetting Pink is one of the 2022 interior colour trends 

Credit: Amazon

Byobu Japanese Mural

This is an exquisite glowing Japanese Mural by Mind the Gap. It is guaranteed to bring some exotic charm into your home. Your guests will surely be dazzled by your home. It is also non-woven therefore easy to install if you love DIY.

Credit: Mind the gap.

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