11 Interior Wall Colour Trends 2022

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So, we chatted away about interior trends for 2022, what about the colours. I went all out in search for the 2022 interior colour trends just for you and came up with this little capsule.  Let’s shoot off with: – 

Mustard Yellow 

Another of my favourite colours, like one of my cushion designs ‘Ciru cushion’ which turned out to be very popular. This colour is warm yet fun, cheerful, and energising. Michelle ogundehin beautifully puts it, “mustard seeds are meant to enhance taste and not to overwhelm”. 

Dulux Mustard
Dunn Edwards


I remember mentioning this colour in 2019 colour trends. It is back again by public demand. It looks so swag, don’t you think? Personally, it reminds me of one of the beautifully decorated wine bar and restaurants I used to frequent with my friends in Kensington. It was long closed down unfortunately. Off white walls with matching elegant curtains, make a room look so opulent. Add dashes of colour with different furniture and accessories. 

Credit: Interior Design Magazine

Military and Gold 

This colour trend has been hitting the fashion and interior world for a while now. It will be following us into 2022 due to its popularity. Have a look at this glam military look below. If you love military colours, get inspired right now…. 

Credit: Interior Design Magazine

Pink colour trend 

Pastel pinks are back again in 2022; it is definitely a colour that is timeless. It has been trending year in year out. But the creativity of how to dress it up never runs out. Try out this colour trend with plants and plant wallpaper to conjure a combination of nature vibes and motivation or creativity. 

Credit; Home decorate tips


The interior trend setters see this as a colour for 2022. I agree; we need cheering up; This colour brings out optimism, enjoyment, and adventurism in us. I concur with interior decorators, that the best place to have this colour is in the entertainment rooms such as living room and dining room. With Gods blessings 2022 will be the end of this dreary climate of 2020 and 2021. Because orange also gives us a sense of freedom. So, we can all get back to being our adventures and driven selves. 

Credit: In decor trends

Orange – Pink Fun 

What a lovely mix of colours, the room looks really fresh and awake. It feels young and playful, energetic, and ready to be creative without being too exhausting. It also feels calm at the same time; what do you think? 

Natural Creams 

This is very similar to the champaign colour trend. If you prefer and love to have an all-cream room and ambiance, then this is for you. It is also quite opulent, and everything flows through the room. It can be calming and freshening for those hot weathers. Therefore, I see this trend in summer or in a summer villa…. 

Delicious Green

Vitality Green & Delicious Mint Green 

These are beautiful shades of green, again another come back from 2021. Brings in such freshness; conjures in our minds, scenes of nature. It also brings out in us the feelings of growth and rejuvenation, which we will need in the year 2022. 

New decor trends

Navy Blue  

As we go into 2022, we will see the colour navy blue being used in the interior world. The colour promotes loyalty and honesty and calm. You will find that blue also encourages financial security, I hope it is something we all will be benefiting from after the economy took a little battering during the pandemic. Use blue around the home for that calm and blessings of financial prosperity.  

Credit: Interior design magazine

Earthy Terra, 

So, I decided to call it this because this colour really reminds me of terracotta. It is also one of my favourite colours. I mentioned Terracotta in my posts – interior colour trends 2019. Such a beautiful colour that also reminds me of a country home or villa in the Mediterranean. What about you? What does it remind you of? 

Credit: Dyke and Dean
Credit: Interior Design Mag

Bracing Blue 

The clue is in the name, – this blue is calming and fresh. As a colour for 2022 it encourages us to have self-expression and wisdom. This colour also inspires us to be more trusting and increase communication with others. Use this colour around the entertainment rooms or communal rooms to promote these virtues .

Credit: Dunn Edwards

What do you think my lovelies? What interior colours did you like best or inspired you? Share with me on the comments section below.  

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