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It has been quite a roller coaster this last 2 years. We are all definitely looking forward to 2022. What a brilliant way to start it – i.e. with a new interior style for your home to really feel the new year and new beginnings. Lets start with: –

Glass Table 

Yes, picture a glass coffee table or dining table, if you do not want to use too much glass think of glass ornaments around the house. Glass is definitely making a come back into our interiors. The use of glass table for instance coffee tables can be traced back as far as the Victorian era, where the base was made out of wood (blog.furnitureinfashion.net). 

Credit: In decor trend

Organic Charm 

This trend is so tranquille and welcoming, giving off that nature vibe. No wonder it has done a comeback from last year. It is expected considering this pandemic climate we are in. We want our homes to be comfortable as well have remind us of nature’s beauty. When decorating think of accessories or furniture made from rattan, e.g., lighting, blinds, tables, outdoor furniture in the beautiful garden. Cover adds a touch by covering with linen or hemp (indecortrends.com) .

Rounded Chattels 

To be honest this reminds me of the curved furniture trends of 2020 and 2021. I wonder if they just renamed it an brought it back. I personally am not complaining because these is beautiful. Just like the curved furniture, this style brings a beautiful fluidity in a room. The designs are eye candy for our eye sights. 

Speckle of Polka  

Polka dot is a very retro style; have a look at this, it has been redesigned for 2022 with metallic gold and jewel tones; tell me your mind is not racing with excitement. This is stunning; I am tempted to pick up my paint and brush and start redecorating one of my rooms. Tell me what you think? 

Credit: Trend design book

Colour Take over 

I am naming it this because colour is about to conquer the Gray trend. I have to share with you this, – As I was reading my favourite blogs I came across this from “ gatesinteriordesign.com “ : – “2016 was design bloggers tour, there was colour everywhere! REJOICE! Grey trend was over, but alas many builders didn’t get that memo”. This really made me laugh because grey is still much alive. Still, you do you beau. 

The year 2022 is definitely bringing some more colour whether its pastel or bold check out this orange, it is energizing. Do not tell me we do not need this after what the 2 ½ years has put us through. 

Credit: Gates Interior design

Hotel Dazzle 

Many of us are fall in love with hotels we stay out when on holiday. Some have also gone as far as decorating their homes with inspirations from hotels they visited. When researching on 2022 interior trends, I really loved the mix of this pastel green, with wall and floor abstract patterns combined with glass and gold touches. This really beautiful. Notice the glass coffee tables again like I mentioned earlier. 

Credit: Hotel interior designs

Brabbu Designs  

It would be rude of me not to include a gentleman’s pad interior style in this capsule. Have a look at this décor. So majestic with its beautiful dark wood shelves and dark brown leather. Not forgetting that rug. I love the way they add a touch of jewel blue velvet sofa. You cannot stop imagining the kind of man living owning such a home, pure sophistication. What is your mind giving you? Share with me please 😀 

Credit: Covet Edition

The Revival of Ages

This is very art décor if you love the great Gatsby style this is for you. I just love the red and gold sofas against the gold and Gray. Notice the mix of patterns as well, marble and stripe wallpaper and the intricate ornate stairs, to me I feel, the designer believes creativity is endless. This room has so much character. You would want to know what the history behind those was who lived here.  

Balinese Elements 

This décor reminds me of a holiday in some lesser sunda island. It looks very earthy and natural with its stone floors and rattan look ceiling. Not forgetting the pretty and colourful rag that resembles designs from the beautiful cultures of those islands. The plants just give it that complete look. Even if you are on lock down, you wont feel like it in such a home.

Credit: The decor trends

 Orange Calm Woods 

When I look at this, I feel a re-invented 70s décor style is represented here with its orange warm tones with mix of wood and the 70s style wallpaper. The design of the furniture is also very 70s, do you feel the same? A very minimalist décor style as well as very cheerful ambiance with its calm colours and dash of orange which is very energising. 

Credit: The decor trends

Luxury Cabin 

Are you thinking What I am thinking? Yes, a holiday cabin in the mountains or the forest. A get away from all the rat race and mayhem. Especially in this pandemic, you would want to run away into the mountains hide away and re-emerge when all the mayhem has died out. Beautiful warm cosy colours, think of a crackling fireplace in the cold nights and nice view of the landscapes in the daytime. Where in the world would you love to have your cabin? 

Credit: Luxury curtain Designs

Curved Hard Furniture 

By this I mean curve shaped cupboards, tables, side table etc. Just like curved or rounded sofas, they give that fluidity in a room. It really does look unique and beautiful. As you can see it works well also with the classic-traditional look with. In addition, this style looks so fresh and expensive with its mix of metallic gold, chandeliers, crystals, and wood. Like a re-invented traditional classic look. 

Credit: Home decorate tips

Velvet Charm

Personally, I am hanging on to velvet like its my oxygen. I absolutely love the look and the style instilled in every décor design. Velvet equals comfort and luxury and just a touch, makes an interior look expensive. 

Credit: Home decorative tips

Natural Wood  

2022 is proving that natural materials are the way to go when decorating your home, to give it that tranquil yet energising vibe. We are adding all types of natural elements to be connected to nature and avoid cabin fever during lockdowns. 

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you are inspired with this little collection I put together for you. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also kindly share and subscribe to my Blog free, for support.

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  1. This is a great article on interior decoration trends for 2022. I appreciate the author’s insights on what will be popular in the coming year. I’m definitely going to keep these trends in mind when decorating my own home. Thanks for the informative read!

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