New Year’s Interior Resolutions 2021

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What a roller coaster it has been. I bet you are all glad to see the back of 2020. But you have to admit, the challenges we have endured have curved us into gems. Would you agree? What is your experience? In addition, I cannot help feeling 2020 was meant to train and prepare us for 2021. We are bruised, however, do kind of feel stronger? I keep imagining 2021 looking at me in the eye, and I say, “bring it, dang beetle”.

On a witty note, everyone right now is working on or embarking on their new year’s resolution. However here at Jijjy’s Maison we are going to share and discuss new year’s interior resolution 2021. What are yours, do you have anything planned?

In my case, it is something I have been thinking about towards the end of 2020. I would say I am partially influenced by the 2021 Décor trends that I encountered in my usual interior exploration, as well as these points below. Which I decided to break into two sections and share with you.

What I had in mind is in this trying time with the pandemic and all, having a décor that keeps us healthy mentally, psychologically and consequently – physically healthy. You know what they say, “’Mens sana in corpore sano’ – A healthy mind in a healthy body.  


Comfy Cozy

A cosy-comfy home allows you to have an environment where you can rest your body after hundreds of zoom calls and stressful day working from home or at the office. Think fluffy cushions, lots of them made from soft fabrics. It’s all about the touch which reduces anxiety and improves slee. Think lush beautiful carpets to protect you from the cold floor and beautiful thick curtains that block out the draft in winter times, Ensuring a warm ambiance. A comfy interior will definitely enhance and promote our well-being,

Calm and Chilled

In addition, we need an environment that is calming, to allow the mind to rest after a day of working hard and brouhahas at the office. The pandemic has brought about lock downs which has forced many of us to stay indoors. Indoor plants and greenery bring nature into the home. They invoke in us the feelings of inner peace and happiness.

Optimistic Vibes

Creating a positive ambiance using lighting can really help. For instance, the use of warm soft lighting makes a space look enticing and snug. This helps enhances our emotions and mental performance.


Right Colours (invoke creativity)

Using the right colours for your home determines the type of mood you will be in. With a percentage of people working from home as well as home schooling, keep in mind you need an environment that will keep the family or individual energized to perform better whilst working from home.

Red can be energizing but be careful, it can also be quite stressful. 

Choose colours such as yellows and orange for positivity and an invigorating environment. Other colours such as green and will also invoke creativity.

Right Furniture


Is key, choosing furniture where you can store away things and leave space tidy will keep your mind organised and productive.

Curved Furniture

This beautiful trend started in 2018 to date

Curved furniture with its smooth lines creates flow in a room which is relaxing and tranquil, the furniture design is also inviting. Tempts people to sit together and promotes calm.

Collection and Ornaments:

Use your collection of art and ornaments to decorate your interior. They are pieces of things that you love that you bought yourself or gifts from loved one. This brings pleasure and improves your mood each time you eye catches them when you are walking around your home. 

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