Playful and Beautiful Balcony Decor Ideas

(Caution: Adhere to Covid19 health rules and regulations)

It is still winter I know; but spring will be here before you finish the phrase peanut butter and jelly toast. Whilst you exercise and get your Body ready for summer, this is the best time to start thinking of balcony make overs. Get ready for the beautiful spring and summer outdoors especially in case we have more lock downs.

Create a lovely green space or cozy out door chill out space outside your flat or apartment. No more lock down blues. Many have already packed up, and ran off to the country side and some of us got stuck in the cities, in our boring cold flats.

But you can change that feeling, that situation, into a fun, happy, vibrant, mood one; by redecorating your balcony, into a green paradise. Somewhere you can do your yoga, have a glass of wine in the evenings under the moonlight. Even somewhere you can read a book when you want a different scenery from your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

It can also be somewhere you entertain any friends and family within your bubble. Let me share with you below examples of beautiful and cozy balcony décor ideas.

Credit: Maison Travaux
Credit: My domain 2
Credit: Etsy
Credit: Micasa Revista
Credit: Laurel Bern Interiors
Credit: Marzena Marideko- Doris Leslie Bleu Blog
The Accidental Bohemian
Credit: Balcony Gardens

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