10 Irresistible African Decor Trends

As I was looking for some inspiring interior décor ideas, I stumbled into these alluring designs, I had to share with you.

Earthy Terracotta

This reminds me of the beautiful red soil in most of the African countries. Here is something warm and energising about this. Add it to your interiors using furniture or ornaments. Mix with African art of photography.

21st century has brought us some captivating photography dressed as murals or artwork on our walls today. Use accessories made out of natural elements.

Pic credit: Tosilab

Basket Case

I hope I caught your attention with the title for this trend. Baskets have been used in a lot of interior styles this last few years. Literally being used for anything and everything. You can never have enough baskets I say.

Especially as they are made of natural materials it gives the home interiors that homely earthy feel. Use I use mine to put all the warm blankets to use on the sofa when chillaxing. Use it to put tissues in the toilet or handtowels. You can also use it for dressing up your potted house plants.

Pic credit: Leebotwood Jerre
Pic credit: Italian bark

Lazuli Blue,

Such a beautiful blue to represent the one of the 4 earth elements – I.e., Water. Notice how it blends well with the black and white African prints which can be found mostly in West Africa and some parts of South Africa.

Please correct me if I am wrong. The blue beautifully acts as a canvas for all the furniture and accessories.

Pic credit: Interiors online

Earthy Murals

Here designer Anna Corriea impresses us with this beautiful décor; accessorising the walls with rich natural woods and African printed red rug.

The rugs on the wall and the floor in conjunction with the cushions gives the whole décor a touch of vibrant colour. Almost reminds me of glamping holidays in a tent in the savannas.

Pic credit: Home wings

Afro Maximalism

This décor is by a South African designer; It makes me think Afro-maximalism. The owner of this house is able to display all their collections, from animal carvings and other accessories.

This room feels really lived in therefore homely and cozy, very personal to the owner. The designer was inspired by the contemporary and African décor trends. I hope this inspires you.

Pic credit: Interior hunters

Utewe mural

Utewe is a Swahili name for the flat baskets used to prepare foods such as grains by separating the grains from possible stones and other elements. It is also used to prepare vegetable among other African foods.

This is a recent trend to display your beautiful Utewes on the wall as an art. If how this started, please share with.

The basket trays have been matched with the pretty colourful rugs on the floor; against the white background, it can make a pretty corridor entrance of a home.

Pic credit: Interiors online

Afro Classics

I chose s name because of the beautiful classic inspired interior accessories used in this décor. Notice the Afro style chaise lounge; I can picture the visitors having wine chillaxing on these.

Notice the afro-beads chandelier not forgetting the afro style cabinet. This style cabinet where really popular in the 1920s furniture trends.

Pic credit: Interiors online

Contemporary Afro-Chic

This is definite exactly that, Afro contemporary chic. Notice the space with the high ceilings and minimalist interior décor.

Everything is white, a blank canvas to show case all your African accessories such as cushions and ornaments. Beautiful décor inspiration for those who love modern purely modern décor.

Pic credit: Italian bark

Afro Eclectic

There is something also for the eclectic interior lovers. With this style you are able to mix all your different collection of accessories and artifacts against a canvas.

An opportunity to have something to show to your guest when they visit. Tell them the stories of where you found them; the history behind them. This style also has such a cozy homely feel.

Pic credit: Italian bark

Afro Chic Dinner

The Afro décor can be used everywhere around the house including your dining room or space. In this décor the designer used an Afro-minimalism, giving the look of abundant space.

This décor also allows your Afro artifacts, collection or accessories really pop as you can see with the flower vases. Such a charming space to have weekend lunches with family and friends.

Pic credit: Leneb Jerre

All in all

If you are looking for that earthy, soothing, yet exciting new décor for your home. These trends, with all the natural elements, is the way to go. Which of these has inspired you?

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