12 Dazzling Interior Wall Paper Trends

Interior wall paper trends are keeping us spell bound, as the designs continue to evolve each year

Maximalist Masterpieces

I have been watching the trends on online and on social media; the wall paper trend gets grander every year. This is exotic oriental wall paper can be found at Wallpaper direct.

This trend is called maximalist because only lovers of maximalist trends will understand the artistic beauty of having this on you wall. This particular design is called Geisha by Manuel Canovas.

Geisha – Manuel Canovas

Mesmerising Wall Murals

If you are not brave enough to paint your own mural on your wall or you are renting, this peel and stick art work is the best option. Such a stunning centre piece of piece de resistance for a room for those who love art or painting.

Spring flight

Bringing Nature Indoors

Even with wall paper we are bringing in nature into our homes. Such a calming trend making you feel cocooned especially in these times we are in. Nature vibes help to keep us grounded.

Achillea in Aurora, Little green

Dream Destinations

I absolutely love this wall paper. Something new, I haven’t seen for a while now. Reminds me of apartments in a street for instance in Italy or Spain. Definitely eye catching and a point of conversation when you have visitors over.

Alarm- Saville collection

Time Piece- Amethyst

It would be a sin not to introduce you to this wall paper; stunning design and has been crowned the wallpaper of the year.

According to Graham brown, it has been printed on a shimmering mica fibrous paper. Notice the merge of gorgeous floral and diamond shapes. To me it looks so exclusive; also available in two more colours.

Graham brown

Silky Chinoiserie

This is an ancient design with so much history. Couple years ago, chinoiserie has been doing a comeback and I have been spotting stunning designs along the way. This is a stunning design, excellent for those who love glamour.

The lighter colour also gives a room a sense of space. If you want to know more about chinoiserie, read my other posts on this: – History of chinoiserie and Stunning chinoiserie interior décor

Pic credit: E-decor trends

Wild Cat Fur Mural

Tell me what you think of this wall paper. Lux and cozy or what? Not forgetting the beautiful texture. If I can introduce you to greige – a trend that is spreading in the interior world right now- it is a mix of grey and beige. A wild cat wall paper mural wall help you achieve that look.

Wall sauce

Plush Marble

Pure glamour this brings to a room. If you have always wanted a marble wall, this is an alternative. There is the option of using this as a focal point in a room or if you are daring – have it all over one room and accessorise with your favourite accessories and furniture. Have a look at these 2 colours among many others.

Enchanting Forest

Eye popping, attractive and inviting; do you feel the same when you look at this wall paper? Let me know. According to E Décor Trends this material is made from eco-friendly material.

Takes you away from the pressure you get when in the city. So, try using this as a mural on one section of the room and dress the room up with tropical inspired accessories in conjunction with calming colours for that ultimate tranquillity.

Cool Leafy Blues

This wall paper is cool yet bold. I feel it is playful at the same time. Gives me that feeling of spring or just at the end of winter. A pretty design to brighten up your interior space and mood. What colour would you call this?

Let me know with a comment below.

Dominic black Moore ideal homes

Floral Chintz

If you follow interior trends, you will notice floral wall paper was a well sort after style in the Victorian times. I feel it is classic and timeless. Over the years this has still been the popping up and just evolving into even more stunning prints.

Interior trends are becoming more adventurers in terms of using these beautiful prints even in the most unlikely places such as bathroom. Have a look at this beauty below.

Pic credit: My decor trends

Terrazo Pattern

Loving this wall paper. Reminds me of an evolved version of the old marble floors. Love the way it has been dressed in this décor style with peach and gold. A modern vibe yet oozes glamour.

First thing that comes to mind is turning an old trend into new. Do you remember the name of the old marble flooring with this pattern?

So those are my 10 of 2021 upcoming wall paper trends. There are quite a few others. Which of the 10 did you like the most? Leave a comment – share with Jijjy family.

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