10 Captivating Interior Colour Trends 2021

Deapite all that has been going on this year, we speak into the year 2021, a wave positive change and beautiful transformations.

In the world of interiors 2021 brings us exciting new colour trends to have fun with.

Vibrant Reds

If you want to continue to be bold and daring in 2020 this is the interior colour for you. I feel we need to keep ourselves invigorated amidst this pandemic.

Keep our spirits high and try not to be swallowed in the sadness. I believe the best way is Keeping your mind full of positive thoughts, be around positive people, as well live in energising spaces or environments that will help maintain this.

Warm Kapiti Tones

It is bright yet warm. Reminds me 9f the mushroom shade of 2019. Goes well with mustards and yellows as pop ups of colour. Making it invigorating.

Waves of Gray

If you love gray interior walls, have a look at how you can inject some colour on to your classy gray walls. Mustards and yellows touches are proving to be the next big thing. What do you think?

Magnolia Blooms

This colour is seen as a safe colour by many. The year 2021 gives this colour a makeover. It is a beautiful backdrop for injecting your other favourite colours and interior pieces. Have a look at how I used magnolia in my living room.

Pic credit: Crockey Road by earth born
Jijjy’s Maison

Luxurious Mulburry

Beautiful shade that brings energy to a room. In 2021 this colour can be used if you want to take a break from reds and burgundies can see lovely evening parties in such a space. It is a colour that also invokes love and strength. This could be the colour for the entertaining room in a home.

Pic credit: Little green

Shades of Optimism

Lighter shades are gracing 2021’s interior trends. This pretty light green almost really freshens up this classic room. I do not quite know what is the name of this colour. Please leave me a comment and let me know what it is called. Looking at it, it does have a calming effect. What do you think?

Pic credit: Stephen Carlisch

Sunny Hues

The interior world is noticing a shift towards yellows for sure in 2021. Do not even doubt it, the colour blends with so many other shades whether you are trying to colour block or match. According to veranda.com, Lauren Lowe believes – you can layer this with your collections of treasures.

Pic credit: Brian Woodcock

Jewel Tones

I don’t know about you, but this gloss fuschia colour definitely wakes up my senses. It is bold, classy, daring. It invigorates me.

Makes me feel like dressing up, looking good and going out. I have no idea why. The designer behind this is Luis Bustamante who created it for a hideaway in the Hamptoms.

Pic credit: Max Kim Bee

Different shades of Lush Green.

Green is another shade that will be following us into 2021, It evolves every year in terms of shades as well as how to dress it up.

A colour that will always give us the feeling of serenity as a colour that reminds us of nature. Have a look at the different shades and décor style you can try out.

Pic credit: Love property.com
Pic credit: Helen Norman

Winter Whites

To give your room that feeling of space, white will help you achieve this. It is also calming and refreshing. Another colour shade that is amazing as a backdrop for your favourite interior décor pieces, furniture and colours

Which of these colour trends tantalise your senses? At the moment what colours do you have in your home?

Pic credit: New decor trends

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