12 Hypnotising Interior Decor Trend 2021

Refresh your home for the new year ahead. It is known that redecorating from time to time gives your mind the feeling of new environment, therefore new mind, new experience. Provides that feeling of something new and positive to look forward.

Here are some inspirations for the new year.

Statement Pieces

Use statement pieces to direct attention or gaze to certain parts of your home. Use them as conversation starter when you have parties at hour home. They help transform your overal interior décor to another level, make it stand out. Remember the pieces have to be extravagant, colourful, eye catching.

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Natural Elements

This décor trend is about instilling nature into our spaces or homes. Nature is known to evoke the feeling of peace and calm and can also energize in a positive way.

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Face Line Graphic Art

This is for those with great imaginations, creatives and want to be unique. It is artistic, modern; notice how the gold slightly ornate mirror gives the décor a touch of vintage.

Eco Chic

If you have been following social media avidly you will notice a rise in indoor gardens of all kinds. This trend is all about minimalism whilst using natural elements such as rustic wood. In addition to this, add plants to the décor. This natural look instils happy calm feelings in us.

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Focus Points

Remember in the previous centuries, it was such a trend to have fresco ceiling murals; and one of the famous artists behind these paintings was Michelangelo. Ceiling designs is doing a comeback. The ideas for beautiful ceiling designs are endless.

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Chic Enhanced Boho

To me I feel this trend keeps doing a comeback and they just keep renaming it. To me this is one of the timeless trends. 2021 comes with more of a mix of ethnic décor styles. I would say it evolves each year. If you love Boho chic fashion or interiors, have a look at what 2021 has in store.


Vintage Handmade Glam

Folky crowd, I need you to all come out and share your love for this trend. It is all about handmade items. It is cozy, charming and wholesome. It is for those who want to be exclusive and unique.

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Modern Upcycling Chic

Notice the beautifully repurposed arm chair. Love of upcycling is rising as people are spending more time at home. Creative juices also flowing since we all have time to reassess what we love. Also, from the gray interior style you can see upcycling is not just for the vintage and maximalist, – it works also for the modern trends.

Tropical Décor

This décor brings in the tropics by using home soft furnishings such as the curtains and cushions. The tropical floral and leaves patterns bring in that Hawaiian vibe to the home. Giving the feeling of being on holiday.

Classic Traditionalism

A timeless interior trend; need I say much? It is one of my favourite decors. I love the antique and vintage pieces always used in this style. It is interesting how the different patterns on the upholstery and soft furnishing still go well together.

This trend continues to give us that nostalgic feeling. Best décor for collectors of antiques and vintage items.

Prestigious textiles

Individualisation Trend

It is also okay to make your space or home very individual not necessarily flowing trends. Design your décor around what you love, what rocks your boat, what makes you feel comfortable. By doing this your décor style will be very individual to you and consequently unique.

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Touches of Colour

A trend that I feel many will have fun with. By using contrasting of colours, you can use a favourite colour as a canvas and add touches of contrasting colours to it. Do not shy away from mixing the touches of colours to. Let your creativity fly and have fun with it.

Which of these decor trends rocked you boat? Would you completely change your decor style or just spruce up or update your existing one?

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