Luxurious Purple Velvet Cushions

Realised that I did not update you on the designs for the purple velvet curtain fabric that I found at Traid. I have been too busy enjoying myself sewing as you will see in my little shop Jijjy’s Maison.

If it is your first time on my blog, have a quick browse at the Traid visit post.

The fabric has such a beautiful royal purple, and luxurious vintage velvet feel; I could not help thinking of, a classic cushion design with a traditional feel. I pictured a manor in the country with floral patterns, gold satin and chandeliers. At sewing stage, changed my mind and went for purple satin. It is all about the charming luxurious interiors.

Quick sketch on paper and I could not wait to start on the design. Excuse my chicken scratching drawings 😀 😀 😀 hahaha…

Jijjys Maison floral chandelier cushion sketch.
Jijjys Maison floral chandelier cushy sketch/design.

This fabric was divine, and loved working with it. Even though preparing the piping is time consuming. I realised I really love making them. From scratch, yes that is what I do, its crazy I know; I love sewing the bias binding on to the piping before attaching it to the cushion. It feels nice and I get a sense of achievement after the design is complete. Still, you can buy the already prepared piping to make your own cushions.

So, have a look below at what I came up with.

Jijjy’s Maison Floral Chandelier Velvet Cushion
Floral chandelier promo. Check out Jijjy’s Maison shop


Some fabrics left over and I decided to make my favourite reading cushions. Really love them since they are awesome for cuddling to, whilst reading an exciting book. Lovely to decorate your bedroom, reading room or small home library as well as adding them to your living room cozy cushion collection.

Velvet Alliums Reading Cushions
Velvet Alliums reading cushions BUY NOW

As you stay home during this pandemic, Keep safe and have fun being creative.

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