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Summer is here and we are all hoping for some positive outcomes and ease down of the dreaded Covid19 lockdown. We have all been confined to our homes and it can be stressful, not being able to go to the parks and enjoy nature.

Still for those who are lucky enough to have gardens, there are so many ideas to turn your outside space into a fun and beautiful hangout spot, probably even better than the parks.

I believe its all about the floral colours chosen in the garden, that bring out the best emotions in us. Flowers such as yellow sunflowers, buttercups, daffodils or lillys bring out excitement, energy and represent warmth of the sun. Red roses and tulips make you feel passion and orange makes you enthusiastic.

The green lush grass, leaves and trees invoke a refreshing, optimistic feelings and positivety since it really reminds us of spring. Pink camellias and gladiolus flowers make you feel romantic and playful.

Darker flowers such as blue forget me nots and delphiniums give the feeling of cool and calm. Black peony poppies, scabiosa black nights, and dianthus minstrel gives that elegant, sophistication and mystery.

The list is endless, in addition you can accessories you garden with beautiful furniture and cozy as well as decorative cushions to give that heavenly tranquility when relaxing in your gardens.

Have a look at some of these ideas below.

Jijjy’s Maison Blog: beautiful gardens decor ideas.
Pic credit Better homes and gardens
Outdoor Moroccan inspired
Pic credit Hadley court chinoiserie themed garden
Pic credit Pergolas for the Garden, My desired home com
Picture credit: Argos
Picture credit: My desired
Pic credit: Bohemian Garden Design by Kindesign

Happy summer 2020 to all lovelies. Remember to where you masks at all times, protect others as well as yourself, adhere to 2m social distancing, only go far out if really really necessary. Only together can we stop it from spreading .


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