Top 8 Interior Trends for 2020

Reminiscing and browsing through 2019s interior trends, I cannot help being filled with excitements to see what 2020 will bring us.

First of all, we have to remember the captivating trends in 2019. Velvets textures won its way through 2018 to 2019, we could not get enough of it. We were in awe of the oblong shapes and curved furniture, giving us 1920s nostalgic hints.

What do I feel 2020 will bring? To be honest I am praying for more green and sustainable materials and designs. We all are aware of the worldwide cry for protection of our environment. Personally, I have been experiencing strong thoughts about delving into sustainable fabrics in 2020 whilst maintaining the beautiful designs. I feel like it will be a challenge but mixed with excitement.

So far, I have encountered amazing innovative eco-friendly options from recycled material to natural material. This growing wave of eco, social consciousness and need for tranquillity is bringing on a trend of people buying handmade products locally, or home manufactured as well natural products, ending up with uniquely designed homes.

So, lovelies, it is no surprise that you will find natural as one of the interior trends for 2020 and is one of the top 3 come backs in 2020. Talk about come backs let’s start with these. Before reading further, can you guess the other two come backs?

First 4 comeback trends for 2020


I am not surprised by the comeback of this trend. Like I mentioned earlier, there is a mass consciousness of protecting our planet. There is also a need for serene yet invigorating environments to counter-act the stressful hassle and bustle of today’s world; bring nature indoors.

Curved lines

You know what? This style has always done it for me like for ever. Arched doorways or arched windows or even patio doors. I find them uniquely different; they just make me happy. Reminds me of the old-fashioned Arabic inspired doorways in some buildings that I grew up seeing back home in East Africa. In addition, it looks quite stylish. 


Definitely I approve the return of this trend. I feel many have been inspired enough in the last couple of years; after being creative or collecting gems or unique handmade timeless crafts, we will need the space or décor style to display our treasures. This is it guys; to achieve this style, be bold, have fun with it all, let your creativity fly. You will end up with this individualistic design that only you have.

Country Summer House

Do you get a déjà vu when I say, “this interior style is timeless, cosy warm and inviting”? This décor is here to stay my friends. What I find beautiful about it is that I get to use preloved, vintage pieces to achieve this which means recycling and protection of the environment. Give it a touch of je ne c’est quoi by adding some beautiful handmade unique items to your décor.

Beautiful surprises:


This trend is all about eco-friendly and natural product. Think rustic wood furniture, products made from natural elements. A Scandinavian mood with shabby chic cottage feels.

Soft Tropics

Fun, exciting, earthy trend filled with beautiful plants. Think green leaves, bright florals turning you living space into a relaxing yet uplifting home. Spring fair tell us: – it is all about bringing the garden indoors. Yes, let us just bath in this tropical wonderful paradise.

Cosmopolitan essence

Just like I mentioned earlier, we are all now exploring the handmade world for natural and unique accessories from different cultures because they entertain us with alluring stories along with the fun new trend of adding our finds as collections.


Hmmm is the Japanese are coming my friends, they started luring us in with their Lofi chill hop music and now, here is their cosy Japani décor. I know many of us will be hooked because the first thing that comes to mind are the oriental prints, luxurious silks. Ideal Homes suggests that this trend is for those who want their home to be a sanctuary. Let’s just enjoy this, Lets.

Which interior trends out there is rocking your boat at the moment? Leave a comment and share you taste.

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