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Hello lovelies, I cannot wait to share with you 2020’s colour trends. Architectural digest states, “Colour makes us feel good”. So, let’s go; let’s find out what the interior designers, architects, and paint companies have been plotting in Milan and New York.

Top interior paint brands such as Sherwin Williams, Pantone, and Behr are always involved in picking each seasons colour and the cherry on the top is where they unveil their colour of the year. So, let’s pick the Top 10 colours out of this list, let’s just say our favorites out of them all.

Charismatic Yellows

I am so glad this colour is back; you will have to wean me off it. What about you? It invokes in me cheerful, happiness and excitement.

Fresh Blue

Not a big fun of blues, but this shade is quite pretty. Just like the glossy Blues of 2019- I am surprised by how it looks sophisticated. One can utilise it as signature pieces around the room or as focal point. It is also in the list of calming hues.

Purple with Hints of Red

Just have a look at this mix of colour. Do you get the same feeling as I? Something exciting yet delicious about this combo. Let me know if you also get it. Apart from that, Purple shades has always been a colour of opulence. Gives me that classic vintage vibes as well when used in walls or on accessories for instance velvet.

Yummy Mushroom

Yes, this is back, and I am glad. Such a creamy delicious colour. I love the neutral hues, it keeps coming back, let’s just add to our time capsule. Do you agree?

Dusty Lilac

Just going to leave this here lovelies, because this colour makes me happy with its nostalgic vintage feel. Elle Décor has the same sentiments as me when the state that, “this soft purple has a vintage flair”. Such a pretty colour for those who love the soft shades and hues.


This is Italian Bark’s number one choice. I had to add this to my list due to its sophisticated look. The colour looks so elegant and classy on sheer draperies. This colour also gives that feeling of space and like white, it can make a room look bigger.

Top 3 colour trends from 3 Top paint brands

I decided to share the last 3 colours chosen by top interior colour companies’ as their colour of the year. Let’s start with


Back to Nature Green

Shades of green are back in our homes. So, if you already have them, you are in the right track. To many of us, it symbolises nature and has a calming effect, as well as yellow – it brings out the creativity in us. Behr has announced this as their colour of the year 2020 inspired by plant life.

Sherwin Williams


They announced their colour of 2020 as Naval with hints of sapphire. Another nostalgic palette in our list- yeessss. Makes me think decadence and it is no surprise since they got the inspiration from the 1920s, very serene yet poised and assured. In addition, I dare to predict nautical styles also doing a comeback with this colour.


Bleached Coral

Smell the sea and feel the sky let your soul and spirit fly. From the name of the colour pallet and this little poem; I bet you have the clues to Pantone’s inspiration of their colour of the year. Go for blues and greens and create that tranquil sea vibe to your décor.

Share with me your favourite colour trend by leaving your comment.

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