Top 5 Charming Vintage Decor Ideas

Ask me what my favourite interior décor trend is, and the answer will be, vintage. It is one of the reasons that fueled my passion to start this blog. The style gives many of us, the feeling of nostalgia; which comes from the addition and mix of tasteful family heirlooms to the décor.

I feel vintage is one of those trends with an ultimate cosy feel with its lush fabrics and mix of textures and colours. Not forgetting the charm exuded from beautiful ornate designs on the furniture and moldings.

Allow me to suggest the mix of vintage and contemporary; It gives a space such a chic, romantic, comfy look. How can you achieve this look in your home or office?

We could start with using vintage or inspired accessories with that nostalgic feel that reminds us of the past trends of the early 20th century and earlier. Join in the fun and start collecting from vintage / antique events, exciting car-booties, and even vintage shops.

Vintage Curtains

Curtains, elegant long curtains; yes, they should be long for that classic look. It gives a space opulence and an inviting comfy feel.

Dressing Room in Manhattan – Estee Lauder
Five Star Boutique in Tuscany

Pretty shabby chic with fresh pastel colours and florals for that dreamy French country feel.

Also do not forget to add some soft furnishings for that complete lavish look. Below are some inspirations.

Soft Furnishings:

Retro Vintage

This style involve vintage inspired furnishings but not the real deal. This means the items are made in the style trend of the yester years.

My Art My
Idea Homes Joyous Uplifting

Try out this lovely two sided cushion for this look.

Jijjy’s Maison Ciru Throw Cushion

Floral Vintage

This style is also vintage inspired and floral items added such as the cushions. The different patterns beautifully compliment each other

Pottery Barn Teen
Futuristic Architecture

Try out this pretty retro vintage cushion with beautiful colours to achieve this look.

Girls on film (Ava) Vintage Retro Cushion by Jijjy’s Maison

Classic Vintage Inspired

This is style is inspired by the classic vintage trends of the 19th century. Mix and much the cushion for that homely look.

Kyla Magrath Interior Deco

Try out this classic vintage inspired lush velvet cushion with a pretty floral center piece and lux satin piping.

Classic Vintage Velvet Cushion by Jijjy’s Maison

Shabby Chic Decor

So fresh and earthy vintage style decor. Most of the furnishings are made to look like they are worn out yet still ornate and pretty. This style really intrigues me and style can be achieved by upcycling any furnishings found. Have a look at some of my upcycling delights.

Ideal Homes New England Interior
Glade Decor Interior

Here are some suggestions of shabby chic cushions with abit of colour. These reading cushions pieces are one of designs and can not be found anywhere else.

Damask Range Reading Cushions By Jijjysmaison

Farm House Inspo

How cozy and charming is this decor style; It can give you that feeling of a get away from the hassle and bustle of the city. Very relaxing.

Have a look at this farm house inspired reading cushion. Can be used in any part of your home. Breakfast table, leaving room, bedroom, even at a picnic or home library.

Farm house style reading cushion: Country picnic cycle and Country picnic proverbs

You can also watch this on video if you prefer here:

Top 5 Vintage Inspired Decor

Let me know what you think and start or join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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