Floral Trends 2019

Lovelies !!!!! don’t you just love spring aaahhh. There is no other time like this to chat about the floral trends that have evolved from 2018 in to 2019.

If you are near green spaces, you have been witnessing the bloom of fresh buds, animals waking up from hibernation, all in all our world seems to be reviving again.

Floral trend involves embellishing the wall with gorgeous floral and green leaves designed wall paper, as well as using floral accessories or furniture. I find this style, beautifully relaxing and gives me that feeling of a garden indoors. What about you?

Have a look at the different floral wall papers trends and tell me which one you love most.

Artemis Wall Paper

I love this pattern from anthropology designed by the famousWilliam Morris from his natural world capsule. The design gives that nature and vintage vibe; at the same time has a modern feel.

Tropical Garden

“Keep vintage leaning towards clean and modern” – a brilliant idea by – ‘Girl friend is better’- an interior blog’.  They also propose if you love vintage in this modern age, it is tasteful to use the granny style in pretty small doses. I feel this trend has achieved this very well, vintage fresh with that spring garden vibe with tweeting of birds.

Floral garden

How pretty is this, the floral wall paper transforms this room into a princess bedroom for a little girl. Again, notice the vintage look with a modern touch and in ‘Vintage in small doses’; the look has been completed with a light coloured iron vintage bed and bedside drawer. This room is adorable.

Dark Floral

Black and chalky coloured walls is a trend that continues from 2018 so it is no surprise to encounter this black floral wall paper, with the pink floral just stunning and unique. To be honest any floral colours will do it justice such as cream, orange, sky blues and white. Such a statement piece wow.

Dark floral wall paper from ‘My wall store’

Wisteria Coral Floral

Unapologetically floral as Laura Dunkley- owner of ‘FromBritainwithLove’ describes this wall paper. Romantic coral aahh yes, that beautiful mix of English yellow, Barcelona orange and emperor’s silk is hypnotising us all.

Pantone listed it as their colour of the year. Woodchip & magnolia joined in the trend by designing their Wisteria Coral Floral Wallpaper in this exciting colour. This wall paper reminds me of spring in Japan, such… a… beautiful natural scene.

Black&White Floral

Oohh my goodness,It seems there is not end to the beauty. This wall paper goes straight in to my wish list, stunning bathroom; Molly Singer as the designer of this stunning wall paper. She advises that, homes should be suave, beautiful as well as livable. I completely agree, I would just live in this bathroom, It is one of the most stylish I have seen at the start of the year. Remember you can use this in any other room, imagine a feature wall, tadaahh.

Deya Meadow

The ultimate spring wall paper right here. I love this look of wild flowers, if I had this on my wall I would day dream of a field in the country covered in pretty wild flowers. This design is one of Matthew Williamson master pieces; he is passionate about colour, patterns and texture. You’ve got to adore his mind when looking at his designs.

Feuille D’or

I could go on for ever, the list is long, but we have to stop somewhere. So many beautiful wallpaper designs out there. The last one I would like to add to my list is an Osborne and little design. You will agree with me that, this piece is exquisite with the mix of gold and peach, adds glamour to a room 100% and then some. The interior decorator did an awesome job mixing the green with this pattern. Lets be adventurers, explore the designs out there – experiment with them in our homes and let’s share ideas.

Blue Berry Living

Lovelies, I Just have to add one more for spring time sake. Those colours, seriously; It is ridiculously pretty, the design is by Blue Berry Living Co . I would never leave my office if I had this on my wall to look at all day. That’s me and my sleeping bag in that room sorted.

Have you tried any of this brands in your homes. Please leave a comment and share your views.

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