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Whilst feeding my thirst for interior deco, I stumbled on to a few beautiful Yacht interior decors that left me speechless.

Oh my there are some beautiful trends out there. Just like homes interiors, anything goes, from minimalist, conventional or classic.

Theodoros Fotiadis yacht: with the 2019

According to Risa Merl a yacht interior designer, due to the small spaces, owners shy away from bold colours to make the spaces feel airy and spacious. Still it is okay inject some bold colours using accessories and create beautiful luxurious spaces.

Maximalist by Risa Merl

Have a look at this designs by Andrew winch interior design. Cool nautical yet classic tones makes this space fresh and stylish.

Dilbar Yacht by Winch Yacht Interior design
Winch Yacht Interiors

Winch Yacht Interiors

Joanne de Guardiola – another interior designer who rocks my boat. According to Architectural digest, she has a skill of putting a fresh twist on traditional interiors. Below an examples of her work

Yacht interiors style
Yacht interior designer Joanne de Guardiola

If you want to achieve some of this yacht interior looks, or if you are looking for that nautical style for your home, I hope these styles inspire you.

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