Top 6 Interior Trends for 2019

It’s a new year, fresh start, I hope you are all excited to explore yourself and your world. I beautiful and fun way to motivate yourself is giving your home a new and fresh lease of life.

Let me share with you 2019s interior trends, starting with some come backs: –

Nomadic / Boho-Chic

Image from Bohochicblog
Image from Bohochicblog

This is a style we enjoyed over 10 years ago and has now done a comeback. In my journey exploring the interior world I did notice the style pop up at many occasions, I do wonder if it really disappeared. In 2019 as it continues to evolve so has the name – the interior world calling it Nomadic interior trend.

It is a very expressive yet relaxing and laid-back, earthy look, so I am not surprised at the reason of its popularity. With the stressful climate escalated over the years I can see this trend springing back up with people needing cosy comforting homes to go back to after work or to entertain their family and friends.

Boho interior involves layering and mix of colours, a cozy boudoir with a feel of nature.

Curved Furnishing

Image by by Matthieu Salvaing from Architectural digest
Barker and Stonehouse Curved Furnishings

Curved furnishings trend was a much loved 1960s interior style. I must admit I am swooning over the round curves of sofas and foot stools. I bet you will be craving for this look in no time.

The soft angles gives the feeling of smooth flow in a room, evokes a relaxed feeling, it encourages people interaction. I spotted this trend from furniture designers such as Rene Cazares, Henredon, Drexel Heritage, Graham & Green, with their Tiffany sofa as well as interior designers such as Pierre Yovanovitch, Emily Henderson, Janice Palmers.

Consider me an enthusiast for this classic, decorative and opulent style.

Artistic Classic Vintage

maximalist art by ricardo labougle

Some are calling this Maximalist Art; it is full of colour and textures and very dramatic with a nostalgic Victorian era feel. Good buy Scandinavian interiors, hello renaissance, it has been a while.

This colourful artistic trend is for avid collectors of art and antiques; those not afraid to generously use lots of colour, let’s just say more is better.

Chic Country Cottage

Rustic country cottage from Casa Tres chic blog
Sarah Gordon country cottage

This trend, with its nostalgia of the country side is timeless. Just cannot resist the charm. The trend keeps on coming back despite the rise in contemporary style.


photo by Michael J Lee from Elle Decor

You have to agree that many of us are going to love this style, it is cheerful and really pretty. Winter blues will pass you buy without you ever noticing it was there in the first place. This design is all about floral wall paper, floral fabrics; it is exquisite.

Natural Elements

From Natural Elements

Now this is a trend that is swooping over 2019. Its all about mix of copper or metals with concrete, stone and granite.

It all depends on your personalities when choosing which style is your favourite. Please share with me and the rest of interior bafs, what changes you have done or plan to do with your living spaces this year.

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