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Howdy lovelies? How is spring treating you?  :D.

Spring 2019 is here, I know but the shining bright sun is on the way and it will look all pretty outside with all the flowers. I have been day dreaming and  picturing being in a beautiful boat by by the lake; oohh my heart just skipped a beat. Or a Yacht by the sea, with the soft summer sunshine caressing my face and the spring wind in my hair and skin. 

Yatch, blue skies, blue waters 

Stunning Yacht Interiors

Romantic Canal boat

Canal boat cozy interiors

If you are yearning for such a fresh and alluring environment at this time but cannot be there; there are ways to recreate that atmosphere in your beautiful aboard. 

Below are some accessories that can help you with this mission. 

Nautical Theme Accessories
Anchor light from Culture furniture
Ashley wilde group cushions
Indra grey plum throw
Velvel Marina by Jijjy's Maison
Ships wheel mirror by Marine store
Floral Chandelier cushion by Jijjy's Maison

Add a little sparkle

The romo group cushions
Moonlight pyramid by Kirkbydesign
lomasi-wallcoverings by Romo
Lomasi wall covering by Romo
Portia cushion by Jijjy's Maison

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