Interior Colour Trends for 2019

I really believe your environment contributes to your moods and state of mind. In addition, I believe, change of scene also wakes up your spirit, keeping you motivated. So, it comes to no surprise when I was dreaming of what changes I should make to my interior and colour schemes for this new year.

According to Lucia Tonelli of Elle Décor, 2019 colour trends were inspired by considering the consumers’ home lives, and psychological needs. It was also intriguing to find out from a conversation between Pottery barn style editor- Courtney Lake and Sherwin Williams director of colour marketing – Sue Wadden that their colour collection for this year was inspired by Paris’s modern antiquity.

If you are also thinking of reinvigorating your living space and home, have a look at the colour trending this year and get some ideas or get inspired on now you can freshen your home this year.

Fresh Organic Greens

These energising palettes remind me of nature. If used well in the home, not only brings balanced ambiance in a room; it also brings out creativity and calm. Sherwin Williams has included these gorgeous green palettes in their Enthusiast interior trend category.

I must add this palette bring out the feeling of new beginnings, seeing as it is the beginning of the year, it is a lovely colour to consider.

Alex Lukey: Hunter green
Viridescent green interior pieces: Green and gold chest drawer upcycled by Jijjy’s Maison
SW: Enthusiast colour palette

Optimistic Yellows

According to Dulux, these colours call out to the non-conformist in us. It entices us to bring out our wild side a creativity. Sherwin Williams have added this colour in their master palette. Sarah Lavoine says, such daring palettes can be a conversation starter when your guest visit your home.

In my sentiments, I feel this colour is for those looking for spontaneity at the same time bringing out a relaxed and positive happy feeling.

SW: Enthusiast Yellow
Bold Yellows

Peachey Perky Pinks

Maria killam recommends that peach has the same warming properties as blush pinks. Both these colours pair well with green leafy trends. Adding peach furniture or accessories to wall colours of your choice also marry beautifully together.

Cavern Clay

Elegant Black Panther

Another come back trend from 2018; proving to be a popular colour trend. Chalky black colour palette, when used properly creates elegant and timeless interior style. This colour is for the bold who want to achieve a dramatic interior style. It is definitely another conversation starter.

Benjamin Moore believes this colour turns any room into an edgy design and encourages playful communication. Got me very interested.

In my opinion this is a statement colour, modish and artistic. It feels like a black canvas to add all your signature pieces of various colours for instance gold, silver, purples, blues and yellows, wood. You can create a timeless interior style and tranquille space.

Driven by deco: Black focal wall
Trend comebacks: Black & gold walls 2019

Rose Bud

I am glad this colour makes a come back in 2019 with slight alteration to the tones. It was Pantone’s colour of the year 2016. In 2019 we see the colour with a chalky pink finish which looks fresh, with a shabby-chic feel. According to Courtney Lake of Pottery barn, it can also be masculine; taking us back to the Victorian time when pink used to be a masculine colour whilst blue represented femininity.

Reminds me of spring and has a playful quality to it as well. Just add some spring flowers and plants to it. I feel it goes well also with metals such as gold and other entities such as wood

Rose bud colour
Pantone colour comeback

Rose bud walls
Pantone colour comeback
Rose bud sofa
Pantone colour comeback

Terracotta’s / Cavern Clay

This happens to be Sherwin-Williams 2019 colour of the year. I just love the warm tone, just imagine us all saying, “winter? What winter?”. Be brave and pair it with other colours such as blue, pinks oohh yes as well as tan and wood. Indoor plants also work well with this colour it pairs well with nature. I am a sucker for green spaces.

Tranquille Blues

Blues can create very peaceful and tranquille spaces where you can switch off and rest the mind and body. Ideal homes describe blues as a colour you can create an effortlessly vogue and inviting interior; a space you can hibernate in.

Jenny Norris interiors advices that, a dark rich moody tone is great for incorporating pieces of other colours. (image – minette hand).

Peacock blues are a Japanese kabuki trend and can be used in the same way- with dash of colours such a gold, pinks, maroons


Mixed with coppers and gold this palette looks elegant and has a traditional look to it, at the same time can be modern and sophisticated.

Merlot is a colour that entices me to cozy up with a good book or a movie perhaps with a glass of vino.

SW: Merlot colour trend 2019

SW: Merlot colour trend 2019

Share with me the colours that entice you the most this year. Would love to hear from you.

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