Clerkenwell Fair: For the Love of Vintage Fashion

Hey fashionistas, this spring 2018 Jijjy’s Maison visited one of UK’s glorious vintage fashion events, that is Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair. And why not; it was fashion week, have you ever heard of or attended this event?

This the brains behind this genius master plan is Savitri Coleman;

Image: Savitri Coleman Pinterest

she is an award-winning event’s organizer, and with her excellent intelligence in fashion and advertising, in 2009, she founded this acclaimed vintage fashion fair.

Clerkenwell vintage fashion fair runs approximately 7 events per year in different locations in London city. The event show cases 50 traders and curators of vintage fashion accessories from around the globe. The collections ranges from 1800s to 1980s high quality fashion pieces. These pieces can include designer names such as channel, Gaultier, Saville Row YSL and many others.

This year’s event which is usually in Shoreditch, was held in the beautiful Covent Garden, bringing the vibrant east London scene to west London.

Clerkenwell vintage fashion fair is not only a fashion trading event, it is a fashion experience. This was SO evident when first thing you notice when walking in is friendly, smiling excited faces of customers and traders, everyone was freely chatting and having such a good time which is rare in today’s London’s climate, no seriously. 😀 .


I made a point of sharing this exciting day out, with my girlfriends who have never heard of these types of event.  We got the entrance of the Freemason Hall at Covent Garden and the first thing we encountered apart from the lovely people, was a sea of colorful beautiful fashion accessories as well as clothing made of luxurious fabrics such as organza, silks, wools, satins, embroidered, cashmeres. ….. the list is endless.





We spotted beautiful girls walking round the event in stunning full period 1940s/50s makeover; pièce de résistance was, stylist to assist vintage enthusiasts with styling.

Look out for the next Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Spring Fair on April 22nd, 2018; share the experience with family, friends for a thrilling spring day out.

15 thoughts on “Clerkenwell Fair: For the Love of Vintage Fashion

  1. The clothes are beautiful I love the hat with the feather featured in the first image However, I wonder if I can pull it off. wit the class it deserves. Running a fair like this is a good idea as it could be a source of inspiration to future designers and even current ones.

    1. Hi Ingrid, Yes you can pull it off :D, what many do is, mix the new and old, making the style really elegant unique. I was in love with the hats as well. Many designers do get inspired by the vintage style especially when they notice the styles are on demand, Many of the stall owners are actually vintage fashion enthusiasts so they have collected and curators for a number of years and only sell at fairs.

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