Romantic Oval Gold Mirror

Stunning Upcycled Vintage Mirror

A while ago I was looking for a unique classic style mirror for my corridor. The scenario is I would look for inspiration online, for instance on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, however, when I go to the stores, it was hard to find some close to what I imagined.

Therefore, as I always do, I went on a vintage hunt. My favourite places to do this are at vintage events and car-booties. After a few visits and coming back home with other collectibles I did not plan to buy; I finally managed to procure one. It was a plain wooden, oval shaped, white canvas of a mirror. As my eyes landed on it, ideas flashed in my mind of how I could turn it into a beauty. In to my bag it went at a very reasonable price.

Whilst in the train I had a quick drawing of what I was envisaging. This time I wanted to go simple but elegant. Have a look below. Excuse my dodgy looking sketch 😀 Its more of a doodle but hey.

jijjysmaison vintage mirror sketch
Jijjy’s Maison Vintage mirror SKetch

Luckily, I already had most of the supplies for this vintage mirror project from the prepping material to decorations. Check them out below:

Preppring the Wood surface:

Wilko Fine Sanding paper
Sand Blaster – Fine from Wilko

To prepare the wood surface of the mirror frame I used Wilko’s fine sand paper to smoothen the surface and get rid of any discoloration.





For decorations I used one of my pearl necklaces – grey in colour, and some mouldings left over after the project shabby chic picture frame. I purchased this from chic moulding. All together I glued them on to the mirror frame using the wilko interior pva wood glue. I left this untill the next day, however you can leave it for 2 to 3 hours to dry.

blue painters tape

To protect the mirror from primer and paint, I covered the mirror with newspaper and held it round with this blue painters tape.

Wilko quickdry MDF sealer

Next, I applied this  Wilko mdf primer. It helps in the adhesion of the top paint coating. The primer is a quick dry and can take as little as 30 minutes. I Brilliant thing is this product can also be used as a sealant after applying the paint of your choice.

platikote metalic gold

The exciting part is spraying over the paint. I chose gold to give it that classic look and a spray will give it that perfect finish. I used Plastikote as it has that yellow antiquey golf finish. You can find it on amazon or ebay. Two coats work very well.

Have a look at the before and after look.

mirror 2
Before frame
JijjysMaisonblog vintage upcycled mirror B copy
Vintage Mirror After Upcycling 

Even though this was one of my smallest scale projects, it was so much fun and really loved the transformations.

Here are my other vintage upcycling fun projects in my DIY section:

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If you are planning to try out or are presently completing an upcycle/repurposed furniture project share with us or ask me some questions; I would love to help.

27 thoughts on “Romantic Oval Gold Mirror

  1. Sometimes adding a vintage piece to is just what your decor needed. That You were every creative with that vintage piece transforming it into a thing of beauty. You are very artistic

  2. Oh my gosh! Wow, truly artistic – it gave the mirror a beautiful make over. I don’t know if I could ever do this fantastic DIY. Thanks for sharing this post.

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