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Hey pals, what are you buying your loved ones this year? It’s been a long-awaited Christmas season? I am sure you have spotted many gifts options and offers around shops and online. I did not even realize that the sales had already started guys. Shopping mayhem is on its way.

Last year I remember thinking that I am bored of the same old cheezy gifts I keep buying for my cronies and my family. Question was, what unique, unexpected gifts can I find, for them, on their birthdays and Easter, baby showers, weddings oohh my goodness. The list is endless. I was tired of the usual pair of socks, hat, cheeky cup.

One of my friend’s birthdays was nigh; I was looking through the party pictures, and how much fun and laughs we have shared. I realised I would be sad if one day she decides to leave to another country for instance dues to career or go back to her family or even get married and move away.

Then it dawned on me, I could make something. Now for those of you who have watched friends season 6 episode 17, please don’t take you mind there, come back to the blog deary, as funny as that episode was.

Rachel and Phoebe sock bunny
Phoebe makes her Firends Sock bunny present 😀

It had to be something she will never leave behind and always remind her of her buddies and fun we shared.

As one does, I researched online; straight for some online shopping – much needed supplies y’all; and this is what I came up with.

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Jijjy’s Maison Customized Cushion

Since I love sewing and vintage lifestyle, it is no surprise that my design idea turned out to be the above.

It was one of my very first customed gift for a friend, but I have been perfecting the finish with each customised cushion I have given to each of my cronies. But I tell you what, I have loved making each and every cushion. All unique from the next. I do get surprised when they taken a back by the gift. This is what I tend to say “really? You actually like it, honestly?” smiley face. It runs through my mind that, maybe they say that since they are friends LOL.

This has motivated me to make more of them, and think of more innovative ideas for gifts along the way.

At this point I am still loving the ‘customized Jijjy’smaison-cosy-cushys’. My aunties, and siblings order for their friends, friends order for their work mates and family members. It has been all round fun.


One of cousins, our little beauty is all grown up and has been blessed with her Love, to get married in December. I am super excited to surprise them with one of my ‘customized Jijjysmaison-cosy-cushys’. Hoping the blessed couple really like it.

I will share a “how to” blog post to show you how I made this lovely gifts, and what materials I used on another blog post.

AND….Let me know what unique gifts you have made for your loved ones, even cheeky ones. In the past or present. It will be a good laugh.

Any queries, or if you would like a #jijjy’spersonalisedcushion for yourself or for a loved one, Email: jijjysmaison@gmail.com


23 thoughts on “Jijjy’s Personalized Cushions

    1. Thank you Amy, I would love to. Its realy therapeutic and fun to make the personalized cushions. Its something everyone will cozy with after coming back from work and need to relax. A lovely reminder of friendships and love between their cronies….. 🙂

  1. I loved the beautiful personalised cushion and candle I received for my birthday, so classy and original! Great gift to give to a loved one for Christmas or a birthday!

  2. Am so excited about the personalised cushions i ordered for my hubby . He loved it so much. The picture is filled with so many memories. He keeps it in his office. BIG THANK YOU

  3. Omggg I am so obsessed with personalized goods and this is so freaking adorable. We just got custom made t-shirts with our pics on it. 💕

  4. Love the customized cushions — such good gift suggestions! It’s so hard to give gifts to some people who already have everything — so personalized gifts are perfect! They end up being such great mementos that they’ll keep forever.

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