Shabby Chic Interiors with a Retro touch

Oh my goodness, I found these beautiful -‘vintage chic french cotton linen fabrics’, whilst shopping for my sewing accessories. You know that feeling when you spot the perfect beauty of a shoe and you leave the store without it? Then it plagues your mind all night day? That is the feeling us sewing bees get. Evidently the fabrics were not left behind.

Purple, pinks and grey, warm oranges; some of the beautiful interior colors that are trending at the moment. Shabby chic interior style is another of my favourite interior looks. It has been  trending for years since its emergence. The vintage community has been coming up with chic and innovative recycling /upcycling ideas. Other interior designers caught this vintage love bug and the trend evolved over the years. Its one of the most loved trends out there.

The fabric pattern and colors already make a statement, but I wanted to challenge myself in terms of sewing as well as design. Let me know what you think, It would be lovely to read your views on them.



The shabby chic idea is to making furniture pieces look like they have been around for centuries, yet stylish, giving the feeling of nostalgia of the yester-years. It also involves restoring old furniture and giving it a new life, whilst still retaining the wear and tear.

In term of fashion and fabrics, its all about that classic look. The 1950s and over are termed as ‘Retro’. This is upcycling in style; trust me its all fun fun fun.

You might discover a few shabby chic styles; for instance- country shabby chic which has a cosy country cottage feel, and french shabby chic.


Country cottage shabby chic with statement cushions

French shabby chic

I find that when I constantly redefine my interior style from time to time or add a few pieces to vamp up the look can be exciting and gives that fun, playful and positive vibe especially in a repetitive rat race world. Imagine its end of Christmas and a new year is neigh; that hollow empty feeling at end of the festivities, creeps in. Setting your self some new goals, re-inventing oneself, gives you that positive vibe, something to look forward to; like an unbroken chain of excitement.

A few ideas I had in mind for the cushions:


The gorgeous green side dresser and the stunning wall clock are examples of upcycled lovely pieces of shabby chic furniture from Fifi’s Furniture.

With Christmas round the corner I decided to use the fabrics, to make friends and family some lovely gifts. Of course I end up keeping some for myself; additions to my deco piece collections. I usually make the gifts depending on the individuals personality; as you might figure out, I have in mind who is going to benefit from these gifts.

There are quite a few vintage fairs coming up this season 2017 that I am looking forward to. I am hoping to find some vintage or antique pieces to add to my collection. You could also give them a try and see if the experience might spark a new hobby for 2018. You never know…..

One of my favorite Shabby chic recommendations:

Clock and Side dresser from –

fifis furniture

Get your hands on similar cushions by clicking on the logo or eBay Icon:

Jijjy’s Maison Shop




31 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Interiors with a Retro touch

  1. Love all your picks! I am super into vintage. Do you ever go to antique stores? I know it’s hard to get fabric but I love the brand Shabby chic too! All of your interior items are so damn cute!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes u do visit antique and vintage fair and stores. Quiet fun. Alwats shopping for deals on Fabrics and looking for unique prints. Quite an adventure

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