Cosy Log Cabin Interior ideas

Do you have a cosy interior style dream for your home that you wish you could come back to after a hard days work?

willow farm 1
Willow Farm, Image: Cool uk

In my case it would have to be the log cabin look. This affinity started after an exciting hiking trip to Hadrian’s wall where my friends and I stayed at the lovely Willow Ford Farm .

Including a weekend in Brecon beacon where we slumbered each day in the  charming Log-cabin-esq cottage – the Wern Watkin after long walks and tours.

wern watkins 1
Wern Watkin, Image: Bland

I loved the earthy bare wooden walls and interior. Remarkably tranquil and surrounded by endless green space. These cottages gave me the feeling of staying in a log cabin surrounded by nature away from the buzz of the city.

First thing that comes to mind when I see a log cabin is an avid traveler staying at a stunning cabin in the romantic snowy mountains in Scotland, Switzerland, or Canada. Picture yourself sheltered in an all wood cosy interior, warm fire with the smell of burning wood, comfy soft cushions and hot cup of Earl grey tea or mulled wine, away from the noisy city. NO internet (eerrmm we can take a reign check on that).

Perhaps, to quench my yearning for Log Cabins, I could book myself into a cabin holiday like Wingbury Farm Glamping  and immerse myself in the romantic earthy interiors.

In the mean time there is the options getting rich and buying a log cabin as a holiday home or  transforming your home into something similar.

Have a look at some of my favorite Log cabin interior designs.



The exposed wooden beams and stone walls conjure up the natural environment of trees and the mountains surrounding the cabin.

A few gorgeous interior pieces that would complement the cabin look:



Antique Pink chair: From Antiques atlas

Handmade rug: From Design emporium

Antique Cream chair : From Antiques atlas

Atlas Cushions: Jijjy’s Maison Handmade designs

Brown leather chair; Vintage french

Chunky knit blanket: From Calaways Gallery

Vintage suitcase: Evieb young at heart



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    1. Thank you Jennifer, really appreciate. Even though I feel there are amazing talented people out there. I am now following you. We seem to be in the same niche. Which means you are enjoying it just as much as I do. Let me know what steps to take next. Best wishes

      1. My pleasure. Your blog is fantastic and I’ll definitely follow you back. In regards to what steps you need to take, please follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page, there are a few simple rules to follow. Cheers!

  1. Hi Jada, thank you for sharing this. This is beautiful, I have been always fascinated by log cabin,and I once dreamed in living and owning one. Your designs are awesome.
    Following you.

  2. I just love the cozy home feeling of cabins, lovethe woodwork throughout, thanks for sharing helpful interior decor. I also enjoyed the look of the vintage suitcase. Thanks again for a wonderful read

  3. I recently spent the weekend at a beautiful cabin in Boone, NC. I would love to own and style a cabin in the mountains one day. Thanks for sharing! Great Post!

  4. Lovely cushions, it was a unique customised birthday present for my wife. She really loved it, always next to her when she’s cosying up on the sofa. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

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