AW 13 Vintage Finds

Autumn winter season can be a little gloomy (when it does descend upon us); luckily there is a slight delay in its arrival, thanks to global warming- its a catch 22. Wrapping up in style can make Autumn/Winter such a fun season to. As an avid collector of vintage fashion among other things, I have been out foraging for vintage Autumn/Winter frocks. coats and accessories.

First item I found was this trendy Echtess Leder women’s Retro Vintage Tan leather jacket from the 1980s. It was “the” fashion piece to have in those days.

First time I wore it, family and friends could not stop complimenting on it. I found this gorgeous piece of vintage fashion at the infamous +Old Spitalfields Market Vintage Stalls -V&S Boutique. Once I laid my eyes on it, I knew I was going home with it…

Jacket falls Flatteringly on Waist and ties with a leather belt 

Beautiful patterned silk lining, gives it that exquisite edge

Cannot wait to wear it. x

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