My Top Four Dazzling Vintage Hand Made Accessories

I can imagine how much jewellery each woman has in their jewellery box, For any Fashion conscious individual, jewellery and accessories have to complete the whole look one is tying to achieve. Whilst in the train one morning, on my way to work, I spotted another woman with the exact, same +Dorothy Perkins ear rings I was wearing. I mean, don’t get me wrong- they were really pretty- but it does kill the sense of style individuality. Its like we are all wearing some kind of uniform

We all shop in the same shops follow the same trends, when I put together my fashion pieces, and I am out there in the streets. It really does feel like we are all wearing a sort uniform. You can not go wrong with handmade vintage accessories, they have been lovingly hand crafted and many of them are usually one- offs, no danger of seeing your exe’s new girl friend with a similar piece ever.  Below are my top 4 favourite Handmade jewellery/accessories designers, There designs are so uniquely beautiful and with a vintage touch. I hope they also take your breath away.

A Curious Fairy Tale
Stunning Vintage and Retro inspired Jewellery

Black Acrylic Art Deco Style Collar Necklace
Gold Stone Wonderland Necklace

Vintage Lilly Makes
Gorgeous bow ties, collars, capes and shawls from Tweed and Fur

Pretty Tweed collar in Brown
Pretty  Lace & Tweed collar Black Chevron
Vintage Inspired Tweed Cape

Bijou Junkie
Exquisite and Unique reloved one off treasures

Bijou Ada
Bijou Magdeline
Bijou Flossie

Just when you thought it can;t get better than all this, here comes

Alluring Vintage and Hand crafted jewellery with found pieces from many different periods through time.
upcycled with 1950s watch face
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To find other handmade jewellery and accessories visit: Etsy Craft fairs, UK Craft Fairs or HandmadeHour on twitter to find more amazing designers of handmade jewellery

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